Wednesday, April 25, 2007

New Crush

Rama is doing well in her new school. Today when I fetched her, she pointed out somebody to me. "Crush ko siya." It was an Asian-looking boy in Senior Kindergarten. (Turns out mom is Korean, father is Canadian). "Sabihin mo sa kanya crush ko siya."

Me: Rama, kailangan maging friends muna bago natin sabihin sa kanya yun.

Rama: Eh bakit si Malcolm sinabi mo agad?

Me stumped for a sec.

Rama: Kasi grown-up na siya?

Me: Oo!

Rama: Ok.

Actually, I would've approached them, except the boy looked like he was having a tantrum. I got around to it eventually, chatting up the mom and telling her that Rama found the boy cute, and that he was her crush, as Rama requested.

When they were leaving, Mom says to the boy: "Zachary, you want to say goodbye to Rama?" Zachary says bye. Rama simply glows. Sigh.


inconvenient.gurl said...

I just discovered Rama yesterday and she's soooooooo cute, wonderful, adorable, witty, pretty, adorable...
When I have a kid I want her to be like Rama. I wanted to pull her out of my monitor and hug her. kakagigil =D

shred-jitsu said...

ive posted a new vid on my blog to compliment this post. Rama is very open to people about her admiration for others, which i think is a good thing. so at least we know who to hunt down if ever, hehehehe.

Carver said...

Hello poch! I have to ask my publisher where the Zaturnnah posters will be available, but I'm almost definite that we'll have copies up for sale during the fifth run. Will you be watching?

Thanks so much for your support. Rama is so adorable. :-)

Leica said...

Rama is so adorable, forget na niya si Pio? :-)

Jing said...

Rama is unbelievable. I'm wishing that in some way, my soon-to-be kid would be as smart as yours. Hehe...maybe reading your blog regularly will on!!!

TED said...

How adorable. RAMA's going to be breaking young boys hearts before you know it. Haha! You have a darling lil precocious young lady on your hands. (=- Such a blessing.

P said...

Hey Inconvenient. Thanks thanks. Your kid will be just perfect, I'm sure.

Shred, thanks for the vid. Love your comment.

Carver, ganun na nga lang. thanks and congrats on a wonderful run. ZZZ will be the cats of Philippine theater - walang kamatayan!

Hey Leica. Pio Pio Pio. Fond memories still. Kahit unrequited yun.

Hey Jing. Your kid will be as perfect as you want! Enjoy the pregnancy!

Hey Ted. Thanks. For now, hindi pa siya pinapansin ng boys. Oh well.

Lyrha_Croft said...

Oh the beauty of new-found leve. ;)
It's been a month; I guess she has really moved on from her Pio phase.