Friday, April 13, 2007


Rama and I on plane to Toronto.

She suddenly turns quiet, gets a far-away look and turns to me, with tears welling up in those eyes.

Rama: I miss Honey... (the lola)

By this time, I was also a complete mess and we both lost it. Crying, hugging, holding, oblivious to the other passengers.

Rama, still crying: Ayokong makita kang umiiyak.
Me: Bakit?
Rama: Kasi ang pangit mo pag umiiyak ka.


kurokuroko said...


sorry pero sobrang natawa ko rito. hehe.

kids say the darndest things! :P

christine said...

haha! Omigosh, and that was said through the tears in here eyes pa no? Funny talaga that girl.

So nice to hear from you again, I trust everything is good over there with you two. :)

shred-jitsu said...

hahahahahahaha! hope you guys are doing ok there. we miss you both so much!!

gik said...

FAN ako ni Rama! hehe

P said...

hey kkk! glad you liked it.

christine, yes, tears and snot running down our faces. we cracked up after that.

shred! we are still jetlagged, but recovering. She got a bike and i'm hoping this will tire her out during the day so we can both sleep normal.

hey gik. thanks! lemme check out your blog shortly.

katrina said...

BWAHAHAHA!!! Omg, I can just imagine the sequence of your reactions:
1. "Boohoo! I can't believe we're leaving our loved ones behind."
2. "Awwwww...Rama doesn't like to see me sad."
3. "Ano? Tinawag ba niya 'kong pangit?!" ;-)

That is one amazing kid.

gik said...

haha, not much to see there. i just love the way kids stun us with their "views" on things

Our Awesome Planet said...

At last, been waiting for your post! Pati si rache, she has been visiting your blog to check for new post and see how you are fairing there.

Leica said...

As usual, Rama is so funny. I'm glad that she has that bike to divert her attention from being homesick.

purplegirl said...

maiyak-iyak ako tapos... mwahahahahah! grabe, that was so funny!

Anna said...

Hi! Napadpad ako dito sa blog mo from Russell's blog. Sobrang bibo at maganda ang anak mo. Napakatalinong bata. Ingat kayo dyan sa Canada.