Saturday, December 30, 2006

Why not nga naman?

"Kapag natulog ka na may araw, tapos nagka-nightmare ka, ang tawag ba dun, day-mare?"

Post Xmas Post

December 26, 4ish. Rama and I just messing around on her scooter on the street. Up rides Ann, 6 year old, occasional playmate on her bike.

Ann: Nakita ko sa basurahan niyo yung mga kahon ng Barbie. Yun ba ang mga regalo ni Rama?
Me: Oo.
Ann: Ako din, may barbie. Pero hindi ko linalaro, naka-display lang.
Rama: Ano yung "display"?
Ann: Andun lang sa mataas. Pag linaro ko yun, papaluin ako.
Me: Gusto mong laruin ang mga Barbie ni Rama?
Ann nods. Rama leads, brings out her toys.

Ann turns out to be a motor mouth. Ang daming kwento:
Ann: Yung lolo kong nagkasakit, naoperahan... Yung pinsan ko, sa amin nakatira kasi nasa abroad yung mama niya... nagpunta kaming Cavite, sa palayan, nakakatakot. Ay, panaginip ko lang pala yun. Meron din akong panaginip na ahas, blah blah blah.
Me to Rama: Meron ka rin bang panaginip, Rama?
Rama: Oo, masaya. SM.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Barbie's Bust

So sitting under the pile of presents was the piece de resistance - the "Styling Head," The One Thing on Rama's wishlist that she wrote Santa. So it was the last box opened, and she gave a satisfied yelp when she ripped the wrapping to reveal the head. I think she was slightly disappointed though, when she realized what it really was. The whole time, it turns out, she was thinking it was a mask that she could wear. But she enjoyed it, nonetheless. It came with clips, glitter, lip gloss, some rhinestones... Last I heard, she attached some nips to the bust:
Rama: Tignan mo ang ginawa ko kay Barbie, nilagyan ko ng duduy...

Other faves were the Peter Pan action figures (including Captain Hook, the crocodile, Tinkerbell) from Honey, Magic Slate from Santa, Care Bear Dominoes (which she learned how to play instantly!) from Ninang Rain, make up from Tita Leica, a mini bust (!) from Ate Rona (who knew that Rama coveted that bust, so she got her alaga a mini-version - sweet), Mickey Mouse ears from Tita Ani, mini radio from Tito Ariel and Tito Jun, a book from Ninang Tesa, a seaworld hat from Tita Leica, kikay kit from Ashley...

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Jasmine Delivers

Like most girls her age, Rama loves playing with her dolls. But I'm not sure if a lot of girls will play this way:

Rama: Tignan mo, nanganak si Jasmine ng Powerpuff...

A Testament To My Religion (Or Lack of It)

Christmas Eve, 7ish.

Yaya (Ate Rona): Magsisimba po kami mamayang 9...
Me: Sige, paki-sama na rin si Rama.


Me: Rama, bihis ka na. Pupunta kayo ni Ate Rona sa church.
Rama: Bakit, may kasal ba?

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Mush Alert!

Rama: Alam mo ba, Socky, kung ilan kita kamahal?
Socky: Ilan?
Rama: 10,000 years!!!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

The Kamikaze Influence

Rama is usually shy and reserved, very fino. I guess this was cathartic for her.

Who Kissed Who?

Rama watched Oliver for the first time. How did she like it? A text message from Honey (actually her lola, with whom she is on first name basis): "Napanaginipan daw ni Rama na kiss siya ni Oliver sa pisngi. Kaya siya may laway sa lips."

Friday, December 15, 2006

'Tis The Season

... for toys and presents. What does Rama want for Christmas? As it says in the letter, Barbie. Innocuous enough, yes? But what she wants is this STYLING HEAD. It's effing lifesized. Pugot na ulo na Barbie. Spooks me out.

I knew it would be spooky, even when she was just eyeing it in the store. There is a precedent, you see. She obsessed over a Jasmine doll - as big as her. Princess Jasmine. Imagine walking into the condo from a late night out and there, on the couch, is... What the f... Jasmine! Or, we put her inside the closet on days when, well, you just don't want to see the vapid eyes staring at you, right? Or when we are expecting company - she has startled many a guests who walk into the bedroom to find her sitting straight up, arms out, wide-eyed, costume all a-glitter. Open the closet and out tumble limbs and hair and, wait-is-that-a-body-in-rigor-mortis... Fotangena Jasmine!

So I convinced her at first not to get the Barbie head, having gone through the Jasmine Period. She let it go for a while. And then she writes Santa about it. What's a mom to do???

So I grudgingly trek to Kids Station and buy the thing. It's sitting now, wrapped, under the tree. I'm sure she'll love it. Good luck to us.

The Pio Affair

In a previous post, I already noted Rama's "crush" on classmate Pio. That has gone on and on. The latest:

At the park, Rama writes PIO on the sand. Awwww.
The other night, we were drawing feet (sizing info for bespoke sneakers - tarouche!). After a while I just see this:
So I ask, bakit mo sinusulat ang name ni Pio?
Rama: Kasi love ko siya.

I learn that the teachers are encouraging this:

Rama: ... Alam ko na isulat name niya. Pati na rin "I love Pio."
Me: Marunong ka na nu'n?
Rama: Oo, I heart Pio. Di ba?
Me: Sino nagturo sa 'yo?
Rama: Si Teacher Nikki. Dalawa kami nag-ra-write, I Heart Pio.
Me: Alam ba ni Pio na love mo siya?
Rama: Hindi. Kaya nga niya laging inaagaw ang dinosaur sa akin.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Tuyo or Fish?

Dinner was fried tilapia fillet and rice. More and more frequently, Rama asks for tuyo. Who can blame her, right? I, too, can live on tuyo flakes in oil. (We get Connies bottled stuff - kippers in capers or gourmet tuyo, can't really tell the diff. Basta yun. I used to make my bottled tuyo from scratch, but Connies does a pretty decent job. No more stinky kitchens! So tuyo on bread with pesto and cream cheese... Yum. My ultimate comfort food. But I digress.)
So Rama asks for tuyo. I dutifully point out that the fish fillet is really good. Tuyo is heavenly, but all that sodium is scary if one has it very often, yes?

Me, encouraging: Sarap din ang fish...
Rama: Ano ang mas masarap, fish o tuyo?

That was a tough one. I love tuyo, but it's not the healthiest thing... Hmmm, how do i stay true while imparting good eating habits?

Me: Depende sa oras. Pag dinner, fish. Pag umaga, breakfast, tuyo. (Ang galing ng lusot, no? Kala ko lang...)

Rama, in an almost complaining tone: Eh bakit puro na lang Koko Krunch?

Ok, ok. I can take a hint. We shall vary the morning fare...

Friday, December 8, 2006

Korean Mama Mary

Waiting at the condo lobby, with a new big-ass tree.
Rama: Bakit may star sa ibabaw?

And so i launch into the nativity story. The best that I could muster. Jesus is born, 3 wise men just follow the star and find him etcetera.

Rama: Alam ko. Tapos sabi ng angel, Jesus is born.
I suddenly remember that the school is actually mounting a nativity play. And Rama is The Angel. She knows what she has to wear: 'White dress, mahaba. Long sleeves. Chaka wings."

Me: Tama, yun ang sabi ng Angel. Di ba ikaw yung angel?
Rama: Oo.
Me: Sino si Joseph?
Rama: Si Russel.
Me: Sino si Mary? Ano naman ang sabi niya?

Rama: Walang sasabihin si Mary. Kasi si Su joong yun. Korean siya.

Sunday, December 3, 2006

Hong Kong Hit List

HK Top Ten Hirits

1. After meeting Snow White (or was it Sleeping Beauty?) at the gazebo and having her picture taken there, I ask, Happy ka? Nawindang ako sa sagot: "It's like a dream come true..." Ang tone: calm and, well, dreamy. Where did she get this? Such a drama queen! Hindi sa 'kin galing yan.
2. After Space Mountain. Rama: Ay, ang roller coaster nila lumilipad. Kasi dumating ang friends ni tinkerbell, pinalipad. (The friends are the gazillion stars in space mountain). She barely made it to the height cut off. She loved it, wasn't scared at all. She liked the Pooh ride better though. And the teacups.
3. Bakit walang mga prince sa disneyland? Nganaman...
4. "Castle ba ito ni beast? Pwede pumasok" As you walk through the castle, there are heavy doors, for staff use only. For all we know, these are fire hoses, etc. So, in my best beast impression, I growl: "Do not go into the west wing! It's forbidden!" Rama: Sino si Bidden?
5. Finally, after 3 attempts, we got to "meet" Belle. So Rama showed Belle her shoe with the princesses pix on them. Belle: I was with you all along... in a high pitched princess-y voice. Deadma na kung wala naman talaga si Belle dun. Basta may parang dilaw. Pero winner ang parting shot ni Belle kay Rama: Goodbye, little princess! Rama: Alam niya na Princess ako!
6. Ocean Park, over lunch. Me: Rama, ano ang favorite mo dito? Rama: Long walk. True. We did a whole lot of walking there. A whole lot. The highlights were the aquariums. Rama: Bakit ang fish, kahit patay, nakadilat?
7. Ocean park. Man on stilts. Actually, a bading-like guy in a butterfly costume in stilts. Rama: Ano siya? Me: Human bading butterfly. Rama: Bakit siya bading? Ahem. Pa'no ba to i-explain?
8. Food trips: blue cheese at the breakfast buffet, beef strips at the hotpot dinner (the rebel carnivore!), tofu at the jap place at the pen ("castle din ito ni beast?" noting the opulent ceiling works), kinder surprise - always works as bribe to keep walking and not perch on my shoulder. Kapuy eh.
9. HK airport immigration. Pila. Rama: Ay, parang rides din, line-up. If there's anything that kids learn from Disneyland, it's probably patience at the lines. No meltdowns there, thank god. The kids seem to pick up pretty quickly that queuing up is part of the deal.
10. NAIA. Baggage claim. Rama groggy, as it was already 12MN. Adults dog-tired. Explaining to Rama. Ok, dito, kunin natin bags natin, then car na papunta na sa haus. Adults yapping away, yadda yadda. Rama, groggily deadpans: Eh ayun na yung bag natin eh. Andun na nga, nakalayo na. Had to make a dash for it. She's good! Spotted the bright green ribbon on the bag handle which adults completely missed! Galing!
Hong Kong November 30 to December 1, 2006. Kowloon Hotel.