Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Rama as Zsa Zsa

Over the weekend, one of the things that Rama and I were tripping on was youtube. She got hooked on Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah, the full trailer. We must have watched it more than 10 times last Sunday. She makes me re-tell the story when we're in the car, or at bedtime.

Over iChat, when her dad asked her if she had any new songs or rhymes, you know the usual play school ditties like ol'mcdonald, guess what she belted out:

Babae na akoh, babae na akoh
Isang ganap na bebot, babae na akoh
Babae na akoh
Mula kilay hanggang kuko, babae na akoh
Ang taray na ng lola, sa'kin na ang korona
Babae na akoooooh!!!!

I am raising a fag hag.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Rama as Fan?

On car trips, Rama usually asks for stories. Socky obliges, and some of the themes we have covered are princesses, adam & eve, the life of bees, Santa Claus and his elves, Boy Bina (an old nemesis from childhood), among others.

This morning, Rama asked for a story. This time, with a specific character.

Rama: Tita Tits, kwentuhan mo ako tungkol kay Kris Aquino.

Socky's thought balloon: Pa'no ba ikukuwento si Big Bird at Hopia?

Thursday, February 22, 2007

How Do You Argue?

Rama at the mall

Rama: I want to buy a toy. (Naks, english kami today!)
Me: But we just watched a movie. You should be happy na. Besides, hindi na kasya mga toys mo sa chair nila. (One chair in the bedroom overflows with her plush toys.)
Rama: But we have another chair!

Change topic.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

You Gotta Show The Lovin'

Rama spent the night at her Tita Pepper and Tito Mark's place. Pepper shared some bloggable exchanges.

Pepper to Mark: Eh eh bashket mo ako wav? (baby talk)
Mark to Pepper: Ba't ganyan ka magsalita?
Pepper to Mark: Eh kasi baby pa ako.


Rama to Pepper: Baket pag nandito ako hindi kayo nagki-kiss ni Tito Mark?
Pepper to Rama: Hindi, Rams. Nagki-kiss kami, hindi mo lang nakikita.
Rama to Pepper: Gano'n ba? 'Kala ko kasi nu'ng kasal ka lang ki-niss ni Tito Mark, eh.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Bigat Nu'n Ah

Today, Hans shares a ride with me and Rama to Greenbelt. Casual conversation about school, SM, her boots, etc. We get to Greenbelt where Hans was getting off.

Hans: Bye, Rama! Bibilin ko na ang Greenbelt!
Rama, to me: Kaya ba niyang mabuhat yun?

Monday, February 12, 2007

Rama ER Series: Neck Neck Mo!

This is second in Rama's ER series. We don't know exactly what happened but reaching for her vitamins in the cupboard, she pulled a neck muscle and refused to move! We took her to Asian and they put on this neck brace. I only have this pic, but along with the neckbrace, she also put on a tiara. Two days later, she still wouldn't take the brace off - even when we went for a swim!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

That You, Mork?

Lately, we've been tripping out on this trick that Rama can do with her hands. Just as easily as you can spread your fingers, Rama can cross her fingers as pictured here. Adults have to WILL it, or use other fingers or simply struggle with it. So when she pulls this trick, it's a hoot for all adults. After a few laughs, here's what Rama had to say:

Rama: 'Pag malungkot ang mga tao, gusto ko gawin 'to...

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Fairy Tale Princess

Writing the previous post, I remembered an exchange between Rama and playmates Nica and Danielle.

Rama is OC and a neat freak. So when with other kids, she happily picks up litter, puts back toys, etc. The other kids started making a game of it. They would drop candy wrappers and shout to Rama, "Basurs!" Rama picks up, trashes it and they do it again. And again.

Danielle: Haha, si Rama, parang katulong.
Rama, matter-of-factly, with no hint of malice: Haha. Oo nga. Para akong si Cinderella. Tapos kayo yung mga bruha.

Go Figurative!

Tonight, we were stepping out for dinner. Rama wanted to wear her girlie shoes - white Maryjanes. Her term for the strap: SEATBELT NG SHOES. Clever, if I may say so...

But how she had grown. The shoes were now too small!

Rama: Ha ha. Para akong bruha... (referring to Cinderella's evil stepsisters on whose feet the glass slipper didn't fit)

Monday, February 5, 2007


Sunday. Rama tags along with Tita Annie and her kids to church. They go to the Nature Church in Moonwalk, the famous one that apparently caught fire during New Year. But it's still up. So they go.

Annie: Alam mo Rama, dito ako kinasal dati. Pero nasunog ito.

It was Danielle, 6 years old, who shot back: Oo naman. Bato siya eh. Ayun o. (points to stone crucifix, unscathed)

Sunday, February 4, 2007

On the Road

During car rides, Rama enjoys these games:
1. Bato-Bato-Pik
2. Guess-which-hand-has-the-coin. While she moves the coin from one hand to the other, she chants, "Close eyes... close eyes... close eyes..." This is her fave.
3. Not really a game, but as soon as she settles in, she checks if Kuya Enrix (who drives) has Mentos in the candy slot.
4. Playing pretend games (most of which I don't get) in the jumpseat by herself.


Rama slept over at Tita Pepper and Tito Mark's new place. Here's one of their exchanges:

Rama to Mark: Bakit ka may sing-sing?
Mark: Kasi may asawa na ako, si Tita Pepper.
Rama: May sing-sing din siya?
Mark: Oo.
Rama: Kailangan ko rin mag-asawa?

Saturday, February 3, 2007


Today Rama was bullied by a bunch of neighborhood kids. She was at Tita Honey's house. When she went out to get something from the store with another cousin, kids called out to her "Bakla!" I suppose it was because of her super-short hair. She cried. A lot.
Tita Honey tried to console her. "Mga abnoy 'yun." And then they went back outside. Honey started pointing out what a bunch of losers the other kids were. Eventually, Rama recovered. On the phone with her, she told me the story. At first, she said "Gusto ko na lang, long hair..." I said ok, but still pointed out that a lot of girls in the family had short hair and it was OK. At the end of the conversation, she was fine again with her short hair. Kids can be so cruel.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

"You Dare To Eat!"

Rama enjoys a variety of foodstuffs. Here's what she recently brought back from the neighborhood store.
I personally didn't like it - it's too starchy-gummy for me. Rama seems to get a kick out of it. She offers it to other adults; when the adults express surprise or amusement, she, with an air of superiority, reassures them, "Candy lang 'yan, hindi totoong itlog..."
I've been told that there are bigger packs for sale at Ministop. This one retails at P2.