Saturday, February 24, 2007

Rama as Fan?

On car trips, Rama usually asks for stories. Socky obliges, and some of the themes we have covered are princesses, adam & eve, the life of bees, Santa Claus and his elves, Boy Bina (an old nemesis from childhood), among others.

This morning, Rama asked for a story. This time, with a specific character.

Rama: Tita Tits, kwentuhan mo ako tungkol kay Kris Aquino.

Socky's thought balloon: Pa'no ba ikukuwento si Big Bird at Hopia?


russkal said...

Who the heck is Boy Bina?

Miss ko na ang mga hirit ni Rama! Anyhoo, I'm back! ;p

P said...

Boy Bina is another post altogether. Basically, a Singalong punk who bullied other kids.

shred-jitsu said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA!! KRIS AQUINO??? i sure hope she doesn't ask me that coz im not really fond of kris :)

hope you guys can make it this friday :)

geeky planner said...

Ang alamat ng Big Bird at ng Hopia? Sounds like a creative challenge. Gawing contest na yan!

P said...

hey jitsu boy. i'm seeing you sunday. better beef up on your showbiz cheka...

hi geeky! you up for the challenge? :-)