Thursday, June 11, 2009

Signing Off

I have decided to end the pochanginamo blog.

Rama is growing and changing so fast. Somehow, it just doesn't feel right anymore to be so out-there with life with her. Besides, most of what happens to us these days are delightfully unremarkable.

The 300++ posts in the archive remain as a record of her early, eventful, learningful years. We went through her 5th, 6th and 7th birthday on this blog!

Feel free to poke around. It's a fun read, I've been told. Some of my personal faves:

Our very first post, the hirit that inspired me to document this precious wit.

On her first BFF.

She helps her adults cope, as posted here.

She loves her dollies.

We took videos, too. Doing covers of Doo Bee Doo here, and Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah here.

We went to Disneyland - and talked about that here and here.

We dealt with bullies.

We moved halfway across the globe.

And we're still hanging on to Filipino.

To think that she kept messing up her English when she was still starting to learn it.

I have not quit blogging completely - we may stumble into each other again sometime on the interwebs, who knows?

A big shout out to people who have been coming here faithfully or unfaithfully - thank you.

Let's see- here's the first picture I posted ever, in November 2006.

And here's what she looked like this morning, waiting for the school bus.

That's all, folks!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Sole Purpose Of This Photo...

... is none other than to freak out her lola in Manila. "Delikado yaaaaaaaannnnnn!"

Monday, May 25, 2009

Rama, Meet Carlos

It's not like they haven't met before. Rama met Carlos on a few occasions in Manila. And she still recognized him after all these years. Last weekend, I took her to see the famous Intramuros tour... in Toronto!

The performance. When Carlos was talking about adobe - in the context of available building materials in Manila then- Rama got a bit confused: "I thought he said adobo."

Rama described Carlos as "hilarious." Even as she looks so serious here. 

During the intermission, I went to the second floor of the venue and took this. The space was a garage-by-day-artspace-venue-by-night. Very improv, and therefore, very Pinoy. 

For the finale, halo-halo for everyone!

Post-performance. Both of them were distracted by another kid playing (and popping) balloons. 
Loved the show. Loved seeing Carlos again. Loved that Rama got a taste of Manila in Toronto. 

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

So Gay

Nighttime cuddles.

Rama: I love you so much. Sooooooo much.
Me: What color is your love for me?
Rama: Rainbow! With glitters!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Kitschy-Crafty Melts Heart

I was Rama-less all weekend up until 5 pm on Sunday. And then, when we meet at the park, she runs toward me and I get presented with this. Each "petal" - not the pink ones, but the paper petals attached to the paper plate - had a message on the other side. "Pick one!" she'll say. One said, "Mom, I will help wash dishis." Another said, "Mom, I will help fix the bed." Her favorite, which she always turned toward me, read "Mom, I will love you always and for EVER." 

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Birthday Sunday

Today, Sunday, was her actual birthday.

We started the day easy, eventually making it out of the apartment. 
And headed for our usual brunch place for her fave, toast soldiers.

After that, we hit the park. 
This is Rama's can-you-please-get-the-camera-out-of-my-face-and-let-me-play-in-peace look.

After the park, we went home for a quick refuel -  grilled cheese sandwich, fruit and fish sticks.

Did more riding outside, this time on bikes. The destination was the playground closer to us. No pix here, as I was on the bike, too. 

Just chilling now at home, watching Nemo. 

Before we sign off, another Melanie Marquez moment from today.

Rama sees a little girl on a bike, in full safety gear - helmet, elbow pads, and knee pads, the works. In full neon colors, too. Rama, of course, takes notice and is slightly envious.

Rama: Aw, I wish I had knee paddles.

ANO DAW? Knee pads pala.


So Rama turned 7 this weekend. 

By noon, I had already put up the party decor at the apartment. True Love is blowing 4o balloons by yourself (I actually bought 50, but I thought 40 filled up the apartment quite nicely).

Birthday girl dons her dress, which was the same dress she wore last year when she turned 6. And also during Halloween in '08. We're not divas that way; we will repeat outfits. She accessorizes with the crown, naturally, and shell jewelry from Boracay. 
First stop for the party peeps is the theatre in our building. We watched Tales of Desperaux (Rama's choice).

Then the party moved to the pool. 
And finally, we headed back to the apartment for snacks and the blowing of the candles. The girls loved the pizza, pasta and other treats. Piece de resistance was this lovely tiered cake. Rama originally planned to have the faces of all her guests photographed, printed and somehow crafted so the cake was decorated with pictures of guests. We didn't manage that - she got shy and didn't want me to go to her school to take pictures. But the cake had princess figures as sugar cookies and everyone got a princess.
We hosted 8 girls. It became difficult for her to stick to the 7-guests-only rule. Her party was the talk of recess and people were asking to be invited. Her guests also included a couple of grade 2 girls, which surprised me. 
The highlight for me was overhearing this exchange, after the guests saw her room, our place, the spread:

Guest: Rama, you are so lucky.
Rama: Thanks, I know.

Winding down at night, she was still playing with her balloons. It was a very good day. Lucky we are, indeed.