Sunday, December 3, 2006

Hong Kong Hit List

HK Top Ten Hirits

1. After meeting Snow White (or was it Sleeping Beauty?) at the gazebo and having her picture taken there, I ask, Happy ka? Nawindang ako sa sagot: "It's like a dream come true..." Ang tone: calm and, well, dreamy. Where did she get this? Such a drama queen! Hindi sa 'kin galing yan.
2. After Space Mountain. Rama: Ay, ang roller coaster nila lumilipad. Kasi dumating ang friends ni tinkerbell, pinalipad. (The friends are the gazillion stars in space mountain). She barely made it to the height cut off. She loved it, wasn't scared at all. She liked the Pooh ride better though. And the teacups.
3. Bakit walang mga prince sa disneyland? Nganaman...
4. "Castle ba ito ni beast? Pwede pumasok" As you walk through the castle, there are heavy doors, for staff use only. For all we know, these are fire hoses, etc. So, in my best beast impression, I growl: "Do not go into the west wing! It's forbidden!" Rama: Sino si Bidden?
5. Finally, after 3 attempts, we got to "meet" Belle. So Rama showed Belle her shoe with the princesses pix on them. Belle: I was with you all along... in a high pitched princess-y voice. Deadma na kung wala naman talaga si Belle dun. Basta may parang dilaw. Pero winner ang parting shot ni Belle kay Rama: Goodbye, little princess! Rama: Alam niya na Princess ako!
6. Ocean Park, over lunch. Me: Rama, ano ang favorite mo dito? Rama: Long walk. True. We did a whole lot of walking there. A whole lot. The highlights were the aquariums. Rama: Bakit ang fish, kahit patay, nakadilat?
7. Ocean park. Man on stilts. Actually, a bading-like guy in a butterfly costume in stilts. Rama: Ano siya? Me: Human bading butterfly. Rama: Bakit siya bading? Ahem. Pa'no ba to i-explain?
8. Food trips: blue cheese at the breakfast buffet, beef strips at the hotpot dinner (the rebel carnivore!), tofu at the jap place at the pen ("castle din ito ni beast?" noting the opulent ceiling works), kinder surprise - always works as bribe to keep walking and not perch on my shoulder. Kapuy eh.
9. HK airport immigration. Pila. Rama: Ay, parang rides din, line-up. If there's anything that kids learn from Disneyland, it's probably patience at the lines. No meltdowns there, thank god. The kids seem to pick up pretty quickly that queuing up is part of the deal.
10. NAIA. Baggage claim. Rama groggy, as it was already 12MN. Adults dog-tired. Explaining to Rama. Ok, dito, kunin natin bags natin, then car na papunta na sa haus. Adults yapping away, yadda yadda. Rama, groggily deadpans: Eh ayun na yung bag natin eh. Andun na nga, nakalayo na. Had to make a dash for it. She's good! Spotted the bright green ribbon on the bag handle which adults completely missed! Galing!
Hong Kong November 30 to December 1, 2006. Kowloon Hotel.


christine said...

Hi! First time at your blog, and I just had to leave a note and say Rama is one gorgeous little girl! Ang ganda, sobra! :)

Poch said...

Hey thanks, Christine! She is an angel. :-)

christine said...

A funny one at that, apparently! :) I'd love to hear more!

Monster said...

Rama rocks! Nagkasalisi tayo sa HK. I was there Dec 1 to 4. Like Rama, I did enjoy Pooh more than the Space Mountain. :)