Friday, December 15, 2006

'Tis The Season

... for toys and presents. What does Rama want for Christmas? As it says in the letter, Barbie. Innocuous enough, yes? But what she wants is this STYLING HEAD. It's effing lifesized. Pugot na ulo na Barbie. Spooks me out.

I knew it would be spooky, even when she was just eyeing it in the store. There is a precedent, you see. She obsessed over a Jasmine doll - as big as her. Princess Jasmine. Imagine walking into the condo from a late night out and there, on the couch, is... What the f... Jasmine! Or, we put her inside the closet on days when, well, you just don't want to see the vapid eyes staring at you, right? Or when we are expecting company - she has startled many a guests who walk into the bedroom to find her sitting straight up, arms out, wide-eyed, costume all a-glitter. Open the closet and out tumble limbs and hair and, wait-is-that-a-body-in-rigor-mortis... Fotangena Jasmine!

So I convinced her at first not to get the Barbie head, having gone through the Jasmine Period. She let it go for a while. And then she writes Santa about it. What's a mom to do???

So I grudgingly trek to Kids Station and buy the thing. It's sitting now, wrapped, under the tree. I'm sure she'll love it. Good luck to us.

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