Thursday, December 14, 2006

Tuyo or Fish?

Dinner was fried tilapia fillet and rice. More and more frequently, Rama asks for tuyo. Who can blame her, right? I, too, can live on tuyo flakes in oil. (We get Connies bottled stuff - kippers in capers or gourmet tuyo, can't really tell the diff. Basta yun. I used to make my bottled tuyo from scratch, but Connies does a pretty decent job. No more stinky kitchens! So tuyo on bread with pesto and cream cheese... Yum. My ultimate comfort food. But I digress.)
So Rama asks for tuyo. I dutifully point out that the fish fillet is really good. Tuyo is heavenly, but all that sodium is scary if one has it very often, yes?

Me, encouraging: Sarap din ang fish...
Rama: Ano ang mas masarap, fish o tuyo?

That was a tough one. I love tuyo, but it's not the healthiest thing... Hmmm, how do i stay true while imparting good eating habits?

Me: Depende sa oras. Pag dinner, fish. Pag umaga, breakfast, tuyo. (Ang galing ng lusot, no? Kala ko lang...)

Rama, in an almost complaining tone: Eh bakit puro na lang Koko Krunch?

Ok, ok. I can take a hint. We shall vary the morning fare...

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fabian said...

thanks for passing by my blog. the rama comments are a hoot. :)

come back in a day or so, i'll update! :)

merry xmas!