Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Queen of Deadpan

It's a long weekend here in Toronto. Canada Day. What better way to celebrate Canada's birthday than to visit the CN Tower, the world's tallest free-standing tourist trap.

Tickets were on sale, too. And there was a long line-up. While waiting in line, we discussed reasons why it was built. (We later learned that, currently, the primary purpose is tourism. At the time it was built, the tower was for telecommunications - an expensive antenna).

Adult: Bakit kaya nila ginawa ito? Ang taas-taas!
Rama: Para exciting.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Balanced DIet

One of the things that I'm happy about is that Rama eats veggies. She would eat steamed brocolli florets like it was popcorn, to the amazement of some adults. She would nibble on lettuce and celery as snacks. She would ask for more servings of spinach.

While lately she seems to have grown tired of brocolli, she has moved on to other veggies. One of our faves here is artichokes. She enjoys the elaborate ritual of eating it. With confidence, she would instruct other adults on the ritual, too. And she eagerly anticipates the reward at the end - the juicy, tasty heart.

Sinigang was always a favorite, including the kang kong (or spinach). And I had to find a substitute, too, for eggplant, as the eggplants here were massive. No way I could use all that in one small pot of sinigang for two. So instead of talong, brussel sprouts went into my pot. She liked that, too.

Yesterday, we went into a Chinese grocery, which as it turns out, also sells Filipino food. In the veggie aisle, Rama picked out cauliflower. When we got to the Filipino products section, she just had to quickly - even violently - grab this bag that she saw. Sabay sigaw: Chicharon!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

God Bless Our Laundry

Before Rama and I go out on Saturdays for our weekly romp around the city, there are chores to attend to. The usual: cleaning bathroom, scrubbing floors, and of course, laundry.

Laundry system in our building is pretty easy. We have a coin laundry machine in the basement of the building. So here's the drill. Take laundry down. Load. Leave and return in 30 minutes. Then move to dryer. That takes an hour. So you can leave again and come back for it. Of course you have to come back for it at the end of the cycle and not let it stay there for long - both for security and also as a courtesy to others who might want to use the machine.

So Rama and I were up at the apartment. 60 minutes were up.

Me: OK Rama, time to go down, get our laundry!
Rama: Oops, I need to poo.
Me: Uh-oh. Do you really have to go now? We need to get our clothes. Baka mawala.
Rama: It's ok. Babantayan ni Lord.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Social Animal

Random comment from Rama to me: Bakit wala tayong bisita dito?

Note to self: Must make friends.

Libre Mangarap

While watching TV, Rama chanced upon a feature on light aircraft. She saw something like this cessna.

Rama: Gusto ko, meron din tayo niyan.

Jeez, Rama, we just got a couch.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Role Reversal (Or How a 5 yo Dishes Out Advice on Separation Anxiety)

Rama's father and I are separated. (Amicably so, thank god). So far, the arrangement has been to have Rama spend somewhat alternate nights at each parent's home throughout the week.

Last night, she slept at my apartment. But her father came by to visit. And then he goes emo on her.

Rama's Papi: I'll miss you. Pag hindi kita katabi, parang sobra kitang miss, hindi ako makatulog.

Rama looks concerned. She wants to console him. And then this piece of advice, delivered ever so gently:

Rama: 'Pag higa mo, pikit mo lang mga mata mo. Tulog ka lang. Masasanay ka rin.