Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Role Reversal (Or How a 5 yo Dishes Out Advice on Separation Anxiety)

Rama's father and I are separated. (Amicably so, thank god). So far, the arrangement has been to have Rama spend somewhat alternate nights at each parent's home throughout the week.

Last night, she slept at my apartment. But her father came by to visit. And then he goes emo on her.

Rama's Papi: I'll miss you. Pag hindi kita katabi, parang sobra kitang miss, hindi ako makatulog.

Rama looks concerned. She wants to console him. And then this piece of advice, delivered ever so gently:

Rama: 'Pag higa mo, pikit mo lang mga mata mo. Tulog ka lang. Masasanay ka rin.


Socky said...

I can so hear Honey's voice here. Yup, it's definitely from her that Rama got her dead-pan sense of humor. And my heart breaks just knowing how Rama misses her.

bexieville said...

Cute! You have such an amazing daughter, ms. Poch. Reading your post made me smile despite my busy and crazy day ahead.

christine said...

Awww that's so cute. Socky, I can only imagine as well how much you miss her too! BTW, I've nominated Rama and Poch Ang Ina Mo for the thinking blogger award. ;)

P said...

You are so right, Socky. It is Honey talking half the time.

Glad you like it, Bexieville. It wasn't THAT cute, though, if you ask the dad. But it's really all good.

Christine, I am so honored. Thank you. And if you met Honey and watched her and Rama together, you would agree.

Leica said...

Even before reading the other comments, I thought to myself, very Tita Honey yung reply ni Rama. True enough, everyone seems to think so too.

Anonymous said...

Aww, adorable as always =). Oh, and she really should model for Baby Guess. Sobrang bagay.