Monday, April 28, 2008

Ano Daw?

Rama was writing. I was helping her out. She would tell me what she wanted to say, I'll write it, and then she would copy it in her own hand.

Rama: How do you write "until out of space"?

So I wrote it out. Turns out she was working on a note for her Papi, "I love you until out of space."

I asked her what she meant. "I love you as high as the CN Tower, as high as the clouds, until the clouds, the moon, sun, stars, until out of space."

Ayun. Outer space pala.


Fun stuff! I personalized our tissue box. Rama is usually sniffly in the mornings. So we like to have tissues within easy reach. But she liked these so much, they now live in her room. Which is actually her playroom/nap room. (She still co-sleeps, I don't know for how long we'll be doing this.)

$4.99 + shipping

Shoe Drama

Rama managed to wear her rubber shoes out. So it was really time for a trip to the shoe store. We needed rubber shoes, but she ended up getting something pink and sparkly.
Britney, upon seeing pink and sparkly shoes, wanted one for herself, too. Rama told me this and asked me if we could buy the same pair for Britney. I asked why she wanted to do that. Rama said, "Britney was crying. I don't want her to cry. So can we get her shoes like this, too?"
We went that same evening. Too bad there wasn't any left in Britney's size. Rama figured that it was a different branch, and she said that we should go to exactly the same place where we got hers.
Maybe this weekend.
Shoe store had a sale going, so we snagged two pairs. The other one was what she really needed - shoes for gym (aka PE). But Rama didn't choose bulky gym shoes. She went with rubber-soled maryjanes.
Such a femme.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

100 Years Old

Over a dinner of pea soup.

Rama: When are you going to die?
Me: I don't know. Nobody knows.
Rama: If you eat vegetables, you will live for one hundred years.
Me: Who said?
Rama: Ate Mercy! I love vegetables. Eat some more.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Random Stuff From This Morning

On the walk to school today, Rama and I stopped to watch some birds. One of them had a some tissue paper in its beak. A couple of other birds were flying around him. I guessed it was to use for their nest. When he perched on a roof, one of the other birds managed to grab the other end of the tissue, and a tug of war ensued.

Me: Uh oh. They're fighting.
Rama, to the birds: Please please please don't fight.

We watched the action for a bit. One bird tore of a small piece, and the other bird flew away.

Rama spotted a discarded tissue on the side of the road. She stood there and pointed, while looking at the birds, wishing to tell them, here, there's more, you don't need to fight.

Further along, we met a friend, Pierra, a mom whose kid goes to the same school, but in a higher grade. She said to Rama, I like your haircut.

Rama: I didn't have a haircut.
Pierra: Oh, but I haven't seen you in a while, and your hair looks different.
Rama: Thank you.

Pleasantries exchanged, and then we parted ways.

Rama to me: I didn't have a haircut. I just woke up.

She wore a pretty dress to school today. It was warm enough today for bare legs, so the dresses are back.

Friday, April 18, 2008


Subway ride.

Rama: Mommy, I'm thirsty.
Me: Uh-oh. Ubos na ang baon natin na tubig.
Rama: Oh. It's OK. I'll drink my laway.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Brave One

Booster shots due.
2 needles. No tears.

She wanted to look at the needles, but the doctor kept instructing her to "look at your mommy." So we locked eyes. And she never flinched.

Friday, April 11, 2008


It was wet and cold on the walk to school today. I tried calling for a cab, but the taxi company wouldn't send a car if you were already on the road. So Rama and I just trudged along.

Rama: I wish you had a car.
Me: Tumawag ako, hindi nga sila magpapadala ng car kasi naglalakad na tayo.
Rama: No, I mean a car, not a taxi.
Me: Hmmm. We'll just have to work for that. Let's see, what car would you like?
Rama: Nakakita ako ng car, from there to there! (I think it was a stretch limo that she spotted once.)
Me: Ay, ayoko nun. Hirap i-park.
Rama: You can park it... in the ocean! No other cars there!

I just remembered a retort that I heard once, dished out to somebody who was complaining about the traffic and potholes on Manila roads: Mag-drive ka sa dagat, walang traffic. O kaya sa ulap, walang lubak.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

I Can Do It By Myself

You know how kids this age insist on doing everything themselves?

Rama likes doing up her own buttons. Today, I helped her with the dress - the buttons were at the back. When it was time to take it off, though, I was in the shower; she still managed. "Don't worry, I can do it by myself." She took off the sleeves while keeping her arms in, turned the dress around bringing the buttons to the front - voila!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Happy Birthday

Rama turns 6 in a month. We've been discussing her birthday party. We're looking at cakes, debating whether to invite a "real" princess (the same way you would invite, say, boyoyong clowns in Manila, you could invite "princesses" or "pirates" to your party for entertainment). For a while she didn't want Jasmine to come ("I AM the princess!"), but later on changed her mind again and said, yes, she would love for Jasmine to come to her birthday. Discussing, too, where to have it - my place or her Papi's. (Resolution: her dad's place)

In bed, during a quiet moment, she got reflective.

Rama: I don't actually want to have a birthday.
Me: What do you mean?
Rama: You'll just get older and older and you won't be able to do fun kid stuff anymore.
Me: Like what?
Rama: Eat cookies. As much as you want.
Me: Hmmm. I still eat a lot of cookies. And how old am I?
Rama: 36.
Me: That's old, see? But I still do fun stuff.
Rama: Yeah, but all my pretty dresses won't fit me anymore.

Awareness of the perils of aging. At 6.