Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Random Stuff From This Morning

On the walk to school today, Rama and I stopped to watch some birds. One of them had a some tissue paper in its beak. A couple of other birds were flying around him. I guessed it was to use for their nest. When he perched on a roof, one of the other birds managed to grab the other end of the tissue, and a tug of war ensued.

Me: Uh oh. They're fighting.
Rama, to the birds: Please please please don't fight.

We watched the action for a bit. One bird tore of a small piece, and the other bird flew away.

Rama spotted a discarded tissue on the side of the road. She stood there and pointed, while looking at the birds, wishing to tell them, here, there's more, you don't need to fight.

Further along, we met a friend, Pierra, a mom whose kid goes to the same school, but in a higher grade. She said to Rama, I like your haircut.

Rama: I didn't have a haircut.
Pierra: Oh, but I haven't seen you in a while, and your hair looks different.
Rama: Thank you.

Pleasantries exchanged, and then we parted ways.

Rama to me: I didn't have a haircut. I just woke up.

She wore a pretty dress to school today. It was warm enough today for bare legs, so the dresses are back.


Jen said...

Well, someone has really nice bed-hair then. Good for you Rama, haha!

Poch question. We're planning to catch a night of WWRY while in HK. This is the Australasian tour with Mig Ayesa as Galileo. Do you think our 6.5 year-old will enjoy it? She likes plays, just has never seen a rock one before.

I saw Rama hamming it up with her rocker-wig a few blogs back, after seeing WWRY. So she really appreciated it?

P said...

Hi Jen! GO GO GO to WWRY! It's a great show - loud, with laser lights. Some foul language (eg., "crap") and sexy scenes and themes, but these will just fly over their heads. Rama raved about it and would sing the songs long after. It's great fun!

Jen said...

Great, thanks! Sooo looking forward to it!