Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Brave One

Booster shots due.
2 needles. No tears.

She wanted to look at the needles, but the doctor kept instructing her to "look at your mommy." So we locked eyes. And she never flinched.


Random Possum said...

what a brave little princess!

hola ate poch!

P said...

hola! yes, she was awesome. :-) hope all is well with you.

Jen said...

Galing Rama! Hope we reach that stage soon too.

With both my girls, it was the same. No fear of shots as babies, not a peep out of them till they turned two. Then they wizen up to what boosters mean and it becomes a meta-physical struggle till about age 6-7. Waiting for our youngest to get there. My thirteen year-old just looks bored now. =D