Friday, April 11, 2008


It was wet and cold on the walk to school today. I tried calling for a cab, but the taxi company wouldn't send a car if you were already on the road. So Rama and I just trudged along.

Rama: I wish you had a car.
Me: Tumawag ako, hindi nga sila magpapadala ng car kasi naglalakad na tayo.
Rama: No, I mean a car, not a taxi.
Me: Hmmm. We'll just have to work for that. Let's see, what car would you like?
Rama: Nakakita ako ng car, from there to there! (I think it was a stretch limo that she spotted once.)
Me: Ay, ayoko nun. Hirap i-park.
Rama: You can park it... in the ocean! No other cars there!

I just remembered a retort that I heard once, dished out to somebody who was complaining about the traffic and potholes on Manila roads: Mag-drive ka sa dagat, walang traffic. O kaya sa ulap, walang lubak.