Monday, April 28, 2008

Shoe Drama

Rama managed to wear her rubber shoes out. So it was really time for a trip to the shoe store. We needed rubber shoes, but she ended up getting something pink and sparkly.
Britney, upon seeing pink and sparkly shoes, wanted one for herself, too. Rama told me this and asked me if we could buy the same pair for Britney. I asked why she wanted to do that. Rama said, "Britney was crying. I don't want her to cry. So can we get her shoes like this, too?"
We went that same evening. Too bad there wasn't any left in Britney's size. Rama figured that it was a different branch, and she said that we should go to exactly the same place where we got hers.
Maybe this weekend.
Shoe store had a sale going, so we snagged two pairs. The other one was what she really needed - shoes for gym (aka PE). But Rama didn't choose bulky gym shoes. She went with rubber-soled maryjanes.
Such a femme.


The Knittymommy said...

She's growing up! I can't even choose shoes for my daughter anymore. Everything is her own choice. Even the clothes.

Jen said...

Love those pink sparkly ones! Great that they come with that elastic in the middle, essential for this age otherwise the shoe would come flying off.

Nice talaga the kiddie shoes there.
Haay, makes me miss the Payless Store at the mall near my Aunt's place in North Van. Haha, sorry I'm cheap. =D

Tesa Celdran said...

I am the proud Ninang. Well done Rama!

P said...

Hey, Knitty! Tell me about us having nothing - nothing - to do with how they dress up. For somebody so casual about fashion, it's amazing how I my spawn is turning out so frou-frou and fashion conscious.

Jen! Yes, we went to Payless! Great value, especially since they outgrow their stuff so fast.

You, my dear Tesa, are completely responsible for her penchant for fashion and glam. That curse you put on her during her baptism! :-)

ChichaJo said...

Go Rama!!! Love the pink sparkly shoes! :)