Sunday, July 29, 2007

Princess Pretend

We spent one Saturday at Centre Island. Highight of course was this carousel ride. At the start of the ride, I thought I'd stand next to Rama's horse.

Me: Pwede ba ako dito, tabi lang tayo?
Rama: Ok.... Ay hindi pwede. Kasi mag-p-pretend ako na princess ako. Eh ang princess naman, walang katabi na ganyan.

This pic was taken AFTER the ride.


Kuwentuhan mo ako ng nakakatakot.

Like I mentioned in the previous post, Rama now has a fascination for scary stories.

While we were waiting for our orders in a neighborhood restaurant, she was asking for a scary story while eating the salt. By itself. As in, papak. I stopped her from having too much, of course. But I was reminded of a scary creature who hated salt.

I thought I'd throw in some good ol' Filipino folklore. I told her about the manananggal.

Me: Alam mo ba kung ano ang manananggal? Sa araw, maganda siya. Pero sa gabi, nahahati ang katawan niya. Tinutubuan siya ng pakpak. Pero para na siyang bruha. Ang tawag sa kanya, manananggal. Lumilipad siya, naghahanap ng makakain. Alam mo ano ang hinahanap niya? Buntis! Pumupunta siya sa bubong ng bahay ng buntis. Humahaba ang dila niya, naaabot ang tiyan ng buntis tapos dun niya hinihigop ang baby! (You want horror, you get horror!) Ang tawag din minsan sa kanya, tiktik. Kasi yun yung tunog habang pumapasok yung dila sa bubong. tik tik tik tik. (I don't think this is accurate, but anyhoo.) So alam mo ba ano ang panlaban sa manananggal? Asin. Pag nilagay mo yan sa naiwang kalahating katawan, hindi na siya makakabalik. Aabutan na siya ng sikat ng araw at mamamatay na siya.

Rama: Mangyayari ba yun dito? (We are currently in Toronto, Canada)

Me: Hindi. Sa Pilipinas lang merong manananggal.

Rama, concerned: Pa'no na si Honey? Nasa Pilipinas siya...

Honey is her beloved Lola. Whom she calls by first name. Who is a bit overweight.

Rama: Baka akala ng manananggal, buntis siya!

Later that day, Socky, who was on her way back to Manila, had to say goodbye to Rama.

Socky: Rama, aalis na ako. Babalik na ako sa Pilipinas.
Rama: Buti na lang, hindi ka buntis.

Lotus Feet, Feng Shui

Kwentuhan mo ako ng nakakatakot.

This is Rama's current fascination - horror stories. I don't know who or what started it. I suppose all kids go through this phase where they find some pleasure in scaring themselves silly. Rama will make me pull up the Feng Shui trailer on youtube, only for her to cover her ears. And make me cover her ears on top of her hands covering her ears!

Once, the request was more specific. Kuwentuhan mo ako ng Feng Shui. And we had no access to youtube - we were waiting at the subway.

I don't remember the entire plot. The most I remember is that a whole lot of them died after looking into the mirror. And after some kind of prophecy. (I distinctly remember Lotlot de Leon, after a prophecy of something like may kabayo sa kamatayan mo, falls to her death from a 2nd story window of a house on top of crates of Red Horse beer). So I really didn't know how to give Rama her horror fix when all I could remember really was the plotline: people-looked-into-a-cursed-mirror-and-died.

What I remembered, though, was Lotus Feet. I don't exactly recall the details, but I thought I would throw in some girl-power there - ancienct chinese people bound the feet of their women to keep them weak and subservient etc. Teaching opportunity about women's rights - to walk on full-grown feet!

So in response to Kwentuhan mo ako ng Feng Shui, I talk about Lotus Feet, a key character in the movie and the trailer.

Me: Si Lotus Feet, may-ari nung salamin na may sumpa, taga-China. Noong panahon na 'yon, ang mga babae, ayaw payagan mag-hop, skip, jump, run. Or mag-enjoy mag-laro. So bata pa lang, tinatali na ang paa, nilalagay sa maliit, masikip, masakit na shoes. Para hindi lumaki ang paa nila.

And I went on and on.

Rama: Eh wala naman sa kwento mo si Kris Aquino ha!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Princess Guide 2

So you've read about how seriously she takes this business of taking visitors around. A lot of discussion about where to go, what to do. A snippet from one of our conversations:

Rama: I know! Dalhin natin si Socky sa show!

(I wasn't sure if she meant the children's theatre or concerts at Harbourfront Centre - we go to both.)

Me: Ok, there's a chinese festival today at the Harbourfront...
Rama: Eh hindi naman natin maiintindihan yon!


"The Princess Guide"

Rama makes sure that loved ones visiting enjoy her city! Read about it here.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Learn Your Genres, Mommy!

Adults trying in vain to put Rama to bed. She still wanted to stay up and watch a video, High School Musical.

It had been a long day. I thought I would convince her to just ditch the DVD and go to sleep already. Soft, soothing music almost always lulls us to bed.

Me: Kailangan pa ba talaga manood? Pwede ba music na lang? (Without waiting for an answer, I barge ahead) Ok, we're setting up the music. Let's go! Time for music.

Rama, holding the DVD, in exasperation: Music ka ng music, eh music nga ito!

She got to watch her video.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Take The Train?!

Rama and I were planning a route somewhere. So I was running through the steps to get there.

Me: ride bus... yadda yadda... and then, we take the train...
Rama: Take the train? Mabigat yun. Kaya ba natin?

Still struggling with the language, but getting there. Unless she was just trying to be cute? But I doubt it. The question was asked in earnest.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Spaghetti Snob

One afternoon, we visited another Filipino family here in Toronto. After a bit of chit chat, it was time to eat. Our host excitedly served us. "I made spaghetti. It's sweet, so Pinoy!"

Rama looks at her plate. "Ayoko ng may hotdog." Uh-oh. So I pick out the hotdog bits. She takes a bite. She doesn't like it, won't eat it.

I make her a fresh plate: just noodles, olive oil, parmesan. And a few olives. She laps it up.

My friend took it very kindly: Ok itong anak mo ha. Matipid!