Sunday, July 29, 2007

Lotus Feet, Feng Shui

Kwentuhan mo ako ng nakakatakot.

This is Rama's current fascination - horror stories. I don't know who or what started it. I suppose all kids go through this phase where they find some pleasure in scaring themselves silly. Rama will make me pull up the Feng Shui trailer on youtube, only for her to cover her ears. And make me cover her ears on top of her hands covering her ears!

Once, the request was more specific. Kuwentuhan mo ako ng Feng Shui. And we had no access to youtube - we were waiting at the subway.

I don't remember the entire plot. The most I remember is that a whole lot of them died after looking into the mirror. And after some kind of prophecy. (I distinctly remember Lotlot de Leon, after a prophecy of something like may kabayo sa kamatayan mo, falls to her death from a 2nd story window of a house on top of crates of Red Horse beer). So I really didn't know how to give Rama her horror fix when all I could remember really was the plotline: people-looked-into-a-cursed-mirror-and-died.

What I remembered, though, was Lotus Feet. I don't exactly recall the details, but I thought I would throw in some girl-power there - ancienct chinese people bound the feet of their women to keep them weak and subservient etc. Teaching opportunity about women's rights - to walk on full-grown feet!

So in response to Kwentuhan mo ako ng Feng Shui, I talk about Lotus Feet, a key character in the movie and the trailer.

Me: Si Lotus Feet, may-ari nung salamin na may sumpa, taga-China. Noong panahon na 'yon, ang mga babae, ayaw payagan mag-hop, skip, jump, run. Or mag-enjoy mag-laro. So bata pa lang, tinatali na ang paa, nilalagay sa maliit, masikip, masakit na shoes. Para hindi lumaki ang paa nila.

And I went on and on.

Rama: Eh wala naman sa kwento mo si Kris Aquino ha!

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