Friday, July 13, 2007

Learn Your Genres, Mommy!

Adults trying in vain to put Rama to bed. She still wanted to stay up and watch a video, High School Musical.

It had been a long day. I thought I would convince her to just ditch the DVD and go to sleep already. Soft, soothing music almost always lulls us to bed.

Me: Kailangan pa ba talaga manood? Pwede ba music na lang? (Without waiting for an answer, I barge ahead) Ok, we're setting up the music. Let's go! Time for music.

Rama, holding the DVD, in exasperation: Music ka ng music, eh music nga ito!

She got to watch her video.


Anonymous said...

haha, bibo talaga si rama. sana you could post her latest photo. she's such an adorable kid.

christine said...

she's way too smart for you poch! haha :)

nicely said...

hehehe! di ba andyan sa musical na yan si sam concepcion? baka crush ni rama...

katrina said...

Looks like you'll have to bone up on your debating skills, Poch. In a few years, her powers of reasoning will be quite a challenge!

shred-jitsu said...

wow, how timely. im sure she'll like the stuff we bought for her :)

P said...

Hey anon! Pix coming up. Camera should be sorted out soon. Thanks!

Hi Christine! Pilosopo, ano?

Her crush, actually, is Troy. Hello, Nicely!

Hi Katrina. Working on it. :-)

Shred! Thanks for the stuff. She'll see them shortly. I'll let you know. I personally love the print on the shirt. Way cool! Super thanks.