Thursday, July 12, 2007

Take The Train?!

Rama and I were planning a route somewhere. So I was running through the steps to get there.

Me: ride bus... yadda yadda... and then, we take the train...
Rama: Take the train? Mabigat yun. Kaya ba natin?

Still struggling with the language, but getting there. Unless she was just trying to be cute? But I doubt it. The question was asked in earnest.


katrina said...

Remember that Sesame Street sketch with the twiddlebugs (?) where they were trying to figure out how to go to the zoo and decide to use "the family car?" "Let's take the car to the zoo!!!" Then they proceeded to carry the car... :-) I miss the old Sesame Street. ;-)

P said...

I firmly believe that Sesame Street writers were freakin' stoned the whole time they were working on the show. :-)

christine said...

hehe mabigat nga yon!

Katrina, my gosh I remember every details of that sketch!! Let's swimmmmmmm to the zooooo!

Gosh I really miss "vintage" sesame street. I could probably watch it all, all over again. Sana they release it all on dvd's para my future kids can watch it too.

Remember" "noo nee noo nee noo" the typewriter? And the martians who discovered the telephone thru the window, "oooo yip yip yip yip uh huh". Or the lowercase n. Memories talaga.

katrina said...

Poch, I agree -- that was the 70s, after all! They were all hippies on that show. But that's what made it so fantastic! :-D

Another quote that proves they were high: "Let's call it...cooperation." "No! Let's call it...Shirley!" HAHAHA!!!

I used to watch it with my younger brother & cousin all the time. Then, when they got too old for it, I'd just watch it on my own! I agree with Nena -- if I have kids, I'd buy videos of the vintage Sesame Street episodes for them.

Anonymous said...


I remember my parents saying, let's go ride on the train. That, before learning the correct idiom.