Saturday, June 16, 2007

God Bless Our Laundry

Before Rama and I go out on Saturdays for our weekly romp around the city, there are chores to attend to. The usual: cleaning bathroom, scrubbing floors, and of course, laundry.

Laundry system in our building is pretty easy. We have a coin laundry machine in the basement of the building. So here's the drill. Take laundry down. Load. Leave and return in 30 minutes. Then move to dryer. That takes an hour. So you can leave again and come back for it. Of course you have to come back for it at the end of the cycle and not let it stay there for long - both for security and also as a courtesy to others who might want to use the machine.

So Rama and I were up at the apartment. 60 minutes were up.

Me: OK Rama, time to go down, get our laundry!
Rama: Oops, I need to poo.
Me: Uh-oh. Do you really have to go now? We need to get our clothes. Baka mawala.
Rama: It's ok. Babantayan ni Lord.


nicely said...

Tama nga naman si, Rama. Babantayan ni Lord ang mga labahin nyo. Hehehe!

Anonymous said...

what you call blind faith.

shred-jitsu said...

hahahaha, shes so cute. ate poch, request naman o, can you post pics of rama? :)

P said...

Hey, Nicely. Awa ng diyos, wala namang nangyari sa labada.

Hey, Shred. Request naman, can you fiddle with the cybershot? Hehe. Nakahalata rin na walang new pics si Rama. Last was her birthday pic, which was taken on the built-in cam of the mac. I promise to work harder figuring out the real camera.

shred-jitsu said...

hahaha! goodluck with the camera!

joey said...

Haha! She is so so so cute! Miss you guys! :)

bexieville said...

Ang cute naman ni Rama. Kakatuwa yung trusting instinct ng mga bata talaga.