Friday, December 8, 2006

Korean Mama Mary

Waiting at the condo lobby, with a new big-ass tree.
Rama: Bakit may star sa ibabaw?

And so i launch into the nativity story. The best that I could muster. Jesus is born, 3 wise men just follow the star and find him etcetera.

Rama: Alam ko. Tapos sabi ng angel, Jesus is born.
I suddenly remember that the school is actually mounting a nativity play. And Rama is The Angel. She knows what she has to wear: 'White dress, mahaba. Long sleeves. Chaka wings."

Me: Tama, yun ang sabi ng Angel. Di ba ikaw yung angel?
Rama: Oo.
Me: Sino si Joseph?
Rama: Si Russel.
Me: Sino si Mary? Ano naman ang sabi niya?

Rama: Walang sasabihin si Mary. Kasi si Su joong yun. Korean siya.


chichajo said...

Rama is so adorable and funny! I loved reading all the posts...they had me in stitches...especially "si Bidden" and the one with Princess Belle! :)

Poch said...

Most of the stories, I think, are of the you-just-had-to-be-there sort. I just trust that when I go back to these posts in years to come, I can still relive the moment.
Thanks, Chichajo! :-)

kristoffer said...

winner ito. napahagalpak ako sa sobrang tawa. rama's so adorable!

para siyang little dr. house. :) sarcastic, witty, yet brutally honest!