Friday, May 4, 2007

BIrthday Kwento 2

Birthday went like this. Rama went swimming in the morning. Then she had a nice lunch at a neighborhood cafe - pancakes with real maple syrup! Then came school. After school (where she stalked new crush Zach in the playground), we bumped into new friends who, on a whim, took us to Chuckie Cheese. Think Timezone but brighter and they serve food (pizza and drink-all-you-can from the fountain). So it's a real party place which gets packed on weekends. There were mascots too, except these were mechanized so "the band" was playing and dancing all afternoon. Unlike Jollibee who can only make a 15 minute appearance because the poor crew person inside the mascot could actually collapse from heat and exhaustion. Today, we practically had the place to ourselves.

So the kids did what kids do - go on the kiddie rides, shoot some basketballs, etc. At the end of the afternoon, you collect all your tickets and choose your prize. Rama chose these funky glasses, along with other stuff like beads, a ring, crayons. Everyone loved these glasses.


nicely said...

nice glasses! i want to have one, too!

an2net said...

Grabe ang bibo talaga ni Rama!

You are so lucky to have such a wonderful kid.

P said...

Hi Nicely. Aren't they the coolest? They also had one with lightning and another with dollar signs.

An2net, thanks. I do feel blessed. Hey, pretty neat looking site.

mrsa said...

Hi Poch!

Great to hear you and miss lovely Rama are settled in already. Too bad we didnt get to say proper goodbyes. Take Care and Happy Birthday to Rama!

kkk said...

i looovvveeee the glasses! sana meron niyan sa pinas!

at sobrang natawa ako sa tanong ni rama "nasan ang mga tao?" hehe. miss na miss niya siguro ang pinas.

Leica said...

I love the funky glasses! Bagay sa personality ni Rama. Happy birthday kid!

Juan Ariel Comia said...

How chic! I love the purple pearls with the houndstooth vest. Soooo Chanel!

christine said...

Awww I missed her birthday! Sorry, Rama, but I'm so happy to hear you had a super fun time. I love your glasses! :)

M.Tan said...

Happy birthday Rama! Cool glasses for a cool kid!

P said...

thank you, mrs a! yes those last couple of weeks were just crazy for me. :-)

thankie thankie, kkk!

thanks, leica. she really has a thing for eyewear.

ariel! so the fashion wasn't lost on you! haha. it's all her. even her teacher commented on her "fashion choices." She runs the risk of being bullied in the schoolyard because she always looks different and fasyon. But I dare not tame this.

Christine, thanks thanks. Worry not, this whole birthday month is turning out to be eventful for her.

m. tan, thank you. The coolest part about her is that she doesn't realize she's cool!