Monday, May 28, 2007

Language Lessons

Car ride with new friends. To keep themselves entertained, kids were playing word games in the back of the car.

Rachel: What did you say, Rama? Tiim?
Rama: No. Tiil. That means, feet.
Rachel: So what's dirty?
Rama; Higko.
Rachel: Clean?
Rama: Tinlo.

And so on.

Rama: What's the english of pako?
Rachel: Nail.
Rama: No, that's kuko.
Rachel's mom: English is funny. They have the same word to mean different things. Those are called synonyms.
Rama: Rhymes with cinnamon.


katrina said...

Ah...Rama's a girl after my own heart. Top-of-mind ang cinnamon, my favorite spice! :-P

Is that Bisaya she was translating?

Actually, synonyms are different words that mean the same thing. ;-)

Socky said...

The adults have even more to learn about words than kids. In fact, ano nga ba ang tawag sa word na iba-iba ang meaning?

P said...

Hey, forgive the adult, she's a nurse, not a linguist. Yes, it was ilonggo she was translating.

katrina said...

Sorry, didn't mean to be AK...just couldn't help but proofread. Old habits die hard. ;-)

shred-jitsu said...

rama's smart little comments make her all more adorable! we miss her like crazy! we talk about her almost everyday. just reminiscing stuff she did when she was hangin out with us.

Anonymous said...

i so love reading this blog!!! rama is the cutest!!!
btw, homonyms is the collective term for words that may have the same spelling or just the pronounciation but meanings dont necessarily have any relation to each other.

P said...

Hey Katu. I totally understand the proofreading. It was Socky's first reaction, too. Writers....

Shred! We miss you guys, too. Love to all. You're always - always - included in our prayers/roll-call.

Anon, super-thanks for HOMONYMS. It was at the tip of our tongues - or rather, lurking in the dusty cobwebs of our memories of 5th grade grammar lessons. Glad you like the little anecdotes - and I hope Rama gets a big kick out of this too when she's old enough for it.