Thursday, May 10, 2007

So, About This GOD Idea

The Creation has been one of our favorite stories. We go back to it every now and then. Today, while crossing the street, Rama had something on her mind. Something a bit existential, actually.

Rama: Bakit kay God, walang gumawa?

I first heard this question in a college class. Modern philosophy, I think - if god made everything, who made god? Except she already sorted out that, ok, nobody made god (which I don't remember explicitly pointing out). He just IS. Why lang daw kaya.


katrina said...

It's funny, isn't it, that children ask questions like these which, even after centuries of debate among the greatest minds, still have no satisfactory answer? I hope that when Rama grows up, she'll continue to have a questioning mind. Who knows? She may just be the one to figure it out! :-)

cherry said...

hi rama, ate poch.. took up philosophy in UP and existentialism is one of the bloodiest courses. :)

Yes rama, nobody made God. Because God is omnipotent, omniscient, omni-everything. there has to be somebody greater than God to make the idea possible that somebody created Him. but since there is nobody greater than God, nobody created God.

shred-jitsu said...

first, happy mothers day ate poch.

about this topic...hmmmm...very deep subject.

anyway, ive posted a bday video greeting for rama on my blogsite. hope you check it out. pepper and i look like crap there tho coz we did it in a hurry so we could upload it asap.

Jong said...

hey poch! glad to know you guys are doing well there. we didn't get to catch up na before you left. working with mccann now for this new proj i'm on. hey, email me - take care and hello to rama. kumusta na sila ni zachary? :D