Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Bawal Mamatay

Like most kids, Rama loves the playground. Especially this playground with a castle. So we spend hours on end there. So it's a bit diffcult to get her out of there.

Me: Rama, we gotta go.
Rama: Why?
Me: Gutom na gutom na ako. Pag hindi ako kumain, mamamatay ako. People need to eat.
Rama: OK.

Weeks later, I had already forgotten about this exchange, I coax her out of the playground. It was really time to get some food.

Me: Rama, let's go. I'm hungry.
Rama: Nooooo... Ay, OK. Let's go. Ayokong mamatay ka.


Nina Lumberio said...

Rama is so amazing!!!

bexieville said...

Awww Rama is such a darling. :D

Leica said...

Rama is so sweet :-)

Fredda said...

hahaha, nice one, Rama!

You know what? Reading your blog posts has endeared Rama to me!