Monday, May 7, 2007

Birthday Kwento 3

One of Rama's gifts this birthday was a fairy ensemble - wand, headband, armbands, dress, and slippers. The slippers were fabric - really meant for indoors only. They were more like slipper-socks.

So she put on the whole thing and played played played. Soon it was time for the guests (yes, people came and sang to her. So she had the normal birthday ritual - may mga tao) to leave. Rama and I walk them to their cars. I noticed she was still wearing the slippers.

Me: Rama, yang slippers, for inside lang, ok?

Rama: Eh bakit si Tinkerbell? Pwede siyang lumabas naka-ganito.

Me: Kasi most of the time lumilipad siya, hindi siya naglalakad.

Rama: Pilay ba siya?


Leica said...

Hay naku! Character talaga yang anak mo :-) Free daily entertainment

P said...

hi Leica. dontcha just love it? i always wonder where these precious nuggets are coming from.

katrina said...

Thanks, Poch and Rama, for making me laugh at 3:30am! :-D

You know what? Now that Rama will soon be very comfortable with English, I'm curious to see how her kooky wit will translate.

cherry said...

hi rama and ate poch! belated happy birthday to you rama.. mwah! saw tita honey last sunday..

flowergurl said...

helo! I am too excited to go back home in Bicol...I just realized this morning that I will be missin browsing this site, which I usually read before accomplishing my deadlines =D. Helo to your fantastic and ever lovely daughter.

P said...

Hey, Kat! No hirits yet in her new language. Though she is quickly getting the hang of it. Complete with wirsh-wirsh accent.

Hey Cherrybomb! Thanks for popping in.

Have a safe trip, flowergurl. Sometimes, being unwired is good, too. Enjoy the serenity. :-)