Tuesday, May 1, 2007

BIrthday! Birthday!

Rama turns 5 on Thursday, May 3.

Last year's celebration was a big shebang. Check out the invite.

This year, it will be very low-key. I thought maybe just cupcakes for all 5 of her classmates. So I asked her teacher and guess what she said: Sure, you can have a little celebration. But nothing edible. ?!? Some kids might be allergic to something or other, so to be safe, no feeding of the schoolkids. Instead, we'll just bring party favors.

I asked her what she wanted. Rama's birthday wish: Sana mag-kasya na si Honey sa seatbelt ng airplane. Para makapunta na siya dito sa Canada.

Honey is Rama's lola, whom she sorely misses. When we moved to Canada, Rama asked why Honey won't be joining us. We just said that Honey was too chubby, she couldn't fit in the airplane seat.


Leica said...

I know Tita Honey misses her too! Happy birthday to Rama!

katrina said...

Aww...You know, what makes Rama so lovable is that she's not just amazingly clever, but sweet and thoughtful at the same time.

I guess Canadian schools are as lawsuit-wary as American schools , hence the nothing-edible rule. Well, at least you don't have to worry about what food to serve!

shred-jitsu said...

Happy birthday rama!! We miss you so much! Take care and we love you!

nicely said...

happy bday, rama. i'm learning to love Poch's blogs. kakatuwa kasi si rama e.

kkk said...

happy birthday rama!

far said...

Happy birthday rama!

from julia and me

P said...

Thanks, y'all. Rama had a perfect day. Kahit manipis ang crowd, carry na. Haha!

Yes, Katrina, they're really praning. But for good reason, too. One of Rama's classmates carries with her an epi-pen in a waist pack. Or something. When she gets an allergic attack, she knows how to inject herself with the anti-allergies. And she's not even 6.