Thursday, June 11, 2009

Signing Off

I have decided to end the pochanginamo blog.

Rama is growing and changing so fast. Somehow, it just doesn't feel right anymore to be so out-there with life with her. Besides, most of what happens to us these days are delightfully unremarkable.

The 300++ posts in the archive remain as a record of her early, eventful, learningful years. We went through her 5th, 6th and 7th birthday on this blog!

Feel free to poke around. It's a fun read, I've been told. Some of my personal faves:

Our very first post, the hirit that inspired me to document this precious wit.

On her first BFF.

She helps her adults cope, as posted here.

She loves her dollies.

We took videos, too. Doing covers of Doo Bee Doo here, and Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah here.

We went to Disneyland - and talked about that here and here.

We dealt with bullies.

We moved halfway across the globe.

And we're still hanging on to Filipino.

To think that she kept messing up her English when she was still starting to learn it.

I have not quit blogging completely - we may stumble into each other again sometime on the interwebs, who knows?

A big shout out to people who have been coming here faithfully or unfaithfully - thank you.

Let's see- here's the first picture I posted ever, in November 2006.

And here's what she looked like this morning, waiting for the school bus.

That's all, folks!


The Knittymommy said...

Farewell Poch and Rama! I do hope to reconnect again with soon. My daughter will miss hearing about your witty comments, Rama! Take care and the Knittyfamily wishes you all the best!

The Flip Side. . .Or Maybe Not said...

Wishing you both the very best. It's been a fun ride!...Do visit us at The Flip Side!

Pauline Torralba said...

OMG! was surprised to see this. I check your blog weekly to see updates about you and Rama.

Anyhow...thanks to both of you! what you have been posting never fails to make us smile.

I hope you can document all that you have posted here so Rama can see it when she is older.

Take care and Godbless :)

boo said...

I have enjoyed reading your adventures the last couple of years. Thank you for sharing such a great (the early years) part of your lives, Poch. I have had many laugh-out-loud moments reading Rama's hirits.

May you both be always truly happy.

Will miss you both! xx

Anonymous said...

oh. i think my heart broke a little. thank you for sharing your wonderful daughter with us. i really loved reading your blog. best wishes to you both!


"R..." Coloma said...

Oh wow, end of an era huh!! I wasn't expecting that post! Feel a bit sentimental now - mum and I almost felt like Rama was part of our family. We wish Rama all the best with her future! See you round the FB traps though... x

carlosceldran said...

Aw! No way!! But how will we know what you guys are up to on your side of the world!

I feel like a favorite tv show has come to an end.

kukai said...

woah! ur signing off?! i've been following ur adventures with ur adorable rama, i've read your posts from the start and i always check your site to see updates... it just so sad that you'll stop doing this short but definitely seet entries... i'll personally and will truly miss that... god bless and take care!

Anonymous said...

awww... this is sad but you do have to move on.

Congratulations!!! I've enjoyed reading Poch ang Ina... Bravo!

I think I even saw you while I was on vacation last Christmas in Powerplant (Mango sale), I so wanted to greet you but I thought you are on vacation too and let it pass.

Kiss the kid we've come to love too. Byee.

kurokuroko said...

nalungkot ako. :(

Tesa Celdran said...


Why don't you let her take it over. Write whatever she wants.

Doesn't have to be this blog, she can start one and then she'll write about YOU!

By the way, many many thanks for the scarf. So loving navy these days!


Katrina said...

Awwwww!!! I'm with Carlos -- I've read everything since the beginning and now feel like a favorite story has abruptly come to an end. I'll SO miss reading your posts and knowing what you guys are up to. But I completely understand why you feel it's no longer appropriate. Do keep in touch through other ways, okay? :-)

M said...

=,( awww... we're gonna miss you guys! your blog has inspired me to write one of my own, for my son. Thanks for sharing your life with us. I wish you and Rama all the best. You're a great mom Poch, and you raised a fine daughter.

shred-jitsu said...

we're really going to miss this blog because this is where we get to know whats going on with you guys there :( so i guess we'll just have to miss you guys more now :(

hopefully we can do those web chats soon! you guys take care! we miss you both soooo much!

Ariel said...

Just caught the signoff of your blog ... Someone told me that we are HS batchmates ... if that's the case, AnnaV has been looking for you for the longest time, Poch ...

Watergirl said...

I've been one of the less than faithful readers of your blog Poch, so I am terribly sorry to read that we won't get to see Rama grow up through your stories. Hopefully we can keep up somehow. She's been a joy to read about over the years.

HappyTummy said...

hi! sad to know you are signing off, i hope not too long! i have been a reader of your blog as soon as i clicked on the link from 80 breakfasts! I'm a new blogger so it's really my first time to comment here but so sad that i had to comment on your "signing-off" entry :( oh my! you'll come back soon, won't you? i hope so! really enjoyed reading your stories! I am sure that Rama will grow up really smart, sweet and gorgeous! God bless you both!

Anonymous said...

I'll miss seeing snippets of you in this site. I hope I won't lose you again.

maikling kwentuhan said...

It's been fun reading this...we will miss it ...

delunna said...

i agree with tesa - of course if rama wants to.
*sigh*, i do understand, pero dapat update mo na lang ako sa mga kwento at kagilagilalas na adventures ni rama (at ikaw rin) hehe.
another option nga pala, why not continue this as a private blog? para sa pamilya at kaibigan lang?
miss you!!!

Jen said...

Awww, you guys will be missed as much as your posts. Thank you for sharing this to begin with. Your blog has made me laugh many, many times.

I do understand your point. Same reason why I seem to share more about my 7-year-old than my 15-year old on my own posts. It's not favoritism, it's that after a certain age, most would-be posts seem like 'oversharing'. :D

You have a wonderful daughter, and I have learned a lot from you as a mom too. Cheers to you both!