Monday, February 12, 2007

Rama ER Series: Neck Neck Mo!

This is second in Rama's ER series. We don't know exactly what happened but reaching for her vitamins in the cupboard, she pulled a neck muscle and refused to move! We took her to Asian and they put on this neck brace. I only have this pic, but along with the neckbrace, she also put on a tiara. Two days later, she still wouldn't take the brace off - even when we went for a swim!


mrsa said...

Oh no! that must have been painfull. When my daughter broke her arm and had to be in a cast for like 2 mos it was hell on everyone. console yourself with the fact that kids will get themselves into the most unbelievably dangerous situations. thats why i pray for her everyday and hope to god she survives childhood in one piece. :-) otherwise its all good.

P said...

she wasn't crying. just catatonic. after she put on the brace, ok na siya, as you can see in the pix. kids do court danger, but they're also quite hardy, i think. thanks for popping in, miri!

mrsa said...

your post just reminded me of the all the harrowing experiences i had with rocio and her explorations, yes thank god kids are hardy! actually, she didnt really seem to m ind about her cast xcept for the fact she couldnt swim for 2 mos which was punishment enough :-) but at least shes more carefull now

see you on the 17th! will you be bringing rama?