Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Bigat Nu'n Ah

Today, Hans shares a ride with me and Rama to Greenbelt. Casual conversation about school, SM, her boots, etc. We get to Greenbelt where Hans was getting off.

Hans: Bye, Rama! Bibilin ko na ang Greenbelt!
Rama, to me: Kaya ba niyang mabuhat yun?


geeky planner said...

May she never stop spouting precocious wisdom! Nakakagaan ng buhay :)

shred-jitsu said...

rama's the best! thanks for letting her stay in our place last friday :) hope you can visit my blog coz i have a few rama stories there also.

btw, she had a conversation with pepper last saturday morning. rama was watching mickey mouse on tv.

pepper: Natatawa ka ba kay mickey?
rama: hinde,...pero natutuwa ako sa kanya.

how she knew about the difference between natatawa and natutuwa is just so mind-boggling to me. her understanding of the tagalog language is so deep at such an early age.