Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Fairy Tale Princess

Writing the previous post, I remembered an exchange between Rama and playmates Nica and Danielle.

Rama is OC and a neat freak. So when with other kids, she happily picks up litter, puts back toys, etc. The other kids started making a game of it. They would drop candy wrappers and shout to Rama, "Basurs!" Rama picks up, trashes it and they do it again. And again.

Danielle: Haha, si Rama, parang katulong.
Rama, matter-of-factly, with no hint of malice: Haha. Oo nga. Para akong si Cinderella. Tapos kayo yung mga bruha.


Katrina said...

What a witty, confident little girl, and so quick with the comebacks! Maybe it's I who should hang out with Rama -- I'm sorely lacking in the skill of snappy retorts. ;-)

P said...

you underestimate yourself? at any rate, it would be great if you two could get together. In the next EB, i'll be sure to bring her along

Annie Uy Lasaten said...

Grabe talaga influence ni Rama to my 2 girls.

One time I hear this conversation from the 2.

Nica : Ikaw na magtapon ng "BASURS" Ate
Daniele : Bakit ako ikaw nagkalat nyan?
Me : Sige na Daniele ikaw na.
Daniele : KATULONG nyo ba ako dito? di ba ANAK nyo ako! Bakit ako?

There, in our house NICA is STILL the bruha and Daniele is CINDERELLA! Yon pala ang history nun!

P said...

OMG, Annie, that's so funny! Blog ka na rin. Hehe. Rama misses the girls.

Annie Uy Lasaten said...

When I remember this, i can't help but miss Rama. Same goes with my 2 bruhas Daniele & Nica... they often ask ilan days pa ba bago bumalik si Rama? Bakit di natin sya pwede puntahan? Malayo ang Canada sasakay pa ng ariplane, I explained to Nica... eh bakit di tyo sumakay.... change topic pls.