Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Rama as Zsa Zsa

Over the weekend, one of the things that Rama and I were tripping on was youtube. She got hooked on Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah, the full trailer. We must have watched it more than 10 times last Sunday. She makes me re-tell the story when we're in the car, or at bedtime.

Over iChat, when her dad asked her if she had any new songs or rhymes, you know the usual play school ditties like ol'mcdonald, guess what she belted out:

Babae na akoh, babae na akoh
Isang ganap na bebot, babae na akoh
Babae na akoh
Mula kilay hanggang kuko, babae na akoh
Ang taray na ng lola, sa'kin na ang korona
Babae na akoooooh!!!!

I am raising a fag hag.


Aian said...

ang cute!
i have the whole OST of the musical. i can give one to her if its ok. =)

P said...

awww, thanks, aian. I have the CD, too. :-) just last night, finally got a copy of the movie. stayed up late watching it with her. Enjoy, siempre.

katrina said...

Have you watched the play? MUCH more fun than the movie! They found such clever, witty solutions to the special effects needed, such as flying. I loved how they did it in the tiny Tanghalang Pilipino theater at the CCP, where the action was happening not just right in front of you, but beside, in the middle of, and even behind you. The effect won't be the same, but if you didn't catch the play at CCP, they'll be having the 5th (!) rerun in RCBC in June.

P said...

Hi, Katrina! I caught it in Tanghalang Pilipino, too. Loved it! It's great that the show is enjoying a good run.

christine said...

hahaha! fag hag or not, she's still adorable!! :)