Monday, March 5, 2007

A Day at the Farm

Rama's school organized a Family Day at Paradizoo, a farm/zoo in Tagaytay. They had ostriches, camels (!), bees, butterflies and the usual livestock - pigs, goats, chicken, cattle. They also had freaky animals, like a 5-legged cow ("Look, a special cow," the PC preshool teacher pointed out.) This after I yelped "Ay, abnoy!" I just kept my mouth shut when we got to the 5-legged boar. (Maybe it's the water?)

While waiting for the tour to start, Rama and the other kids decorated cookies. Rama was also tripping on makahiya. It took us forever to get to the exit; we had to stop and touch ALL the makahiya that we passed.

Pio was sorely missed.


karabau said...

Awww! Makahiya! I went to school in Antipolo, where they had huge trees and wide fields. I loooved playing with makahiya. There were patches so large, bukas na yung iba bago ko masara lahat. Even found a four-leaf clover once. I wished for for world peace, a pink motorcycle, and something else. Trip to Disneyland ata :).

P said...

hey karabau! didn't know we had 4-leaf clovers here. and those are pretty good wishes.

christine said...

Wow my last memories of makahiya are in the fields of CSA. Ok, wait, why are there 5 legged animals there?

P said...

maybe it's the water nga. Hey, it happens. Useless trivia from too much TV, Sandra Bullock has a dog that has to walk on its hind legs only, because it doesn't have full front legs, just a couple of flipper-like appendages where the front legs should be. And before that, she had a 3-legged dog.