Friday, March 23, 2007


Rama's current obsession is dear ol' Joe. I think they talked about heroes in class one time and Jose Rizal sort of stuck. She volunteers that "marami siyang girlfriend" and that he was a "writer chaka doctor." I first heard her yell "Our National Hero!" when we passed by Mangan in Glorietta and she saw the portrait of Jose Rizal there. That's when I knew that she knew who he was.

We happened to have a DVD of Rizal (Cesar Montano) so last night I popped it in the player. She saw Rizal eating tuyo and rice: she asked for tuyo and rice. She also wanted to fast-forward to the execution scene. And wanted to watch that again and again.

I had forgotten that it was such a violent movie. I realized this too late; she was already into the story.

One of the earlier scenes was a disturbing rape by a priest. Quickly, I covered her eyes. And wished that it would be over soon. She kept on saying "Wag mo na takpan mata ko!" Over and over again. We kept on arguing, until she blurted out, 'Eh nakikita ko pa rin naman eh! May butas kamay mo!"


kurokuroko said...

hahahaha. natawa ko rito pramis.

you should let her watch our docu on Rizal produced by Howie Severino. I think its in best of I-Witness volume 1. binibenta siya sa Powerbooks. sorry sa plugging, pero its a good docu on Rizal. :)

buy the 2nd and 3rd volume na rin. :)

P said...

hi kurokuroko! sige, i'll check it out. Wishing it's in filipino? if you worked on it, will you sign it? :-)

kurokuroko said...

haha. di ako kasama sa team na gumawa nung dokyu about rizal eh. kada host kasi has a different staff. i work with sandra aguinaldo. :)

and yep, its in filipino. :)

russkal said...

Ooops! Wrong movie! Been there, done that. My kids had their fair share of censored viewing (my hands covering their eyes - well, almost).

it's great to be back in the blogosphere and read your posts!

P said...

ey russ! tagal mo nawala ah! dami labada? guess so. thanks for dropping by.

kurokuro, still haven't gone to powerbooks. sigh. good to know it's in filipino. cheers!

christine said...

hahahahahaahahahah! Oh my gosh. I'm laughing so hard I have tears in my eyes. I feel so bad I won't be there on April 1 to meet this little one! Your stories about her really brighten up my days.

P said...

hey christine! still hoping you have enough energy (extra joss?) to join us on Sunday.