Monday, March 19, 2007


Rama's current interjection of choice happens to be "Pickles." Make a mistake coloring, she says "Aww, pickles." Or, I coax her out of the tub, it's "Aww, pickles!"

I suspect it's from one of the morning cartoons. Could've been from Monster Allergy or Hickey Town Hero. (Betcha didn't know there was a hero - or town - named such!)

The first time I heard Pickles, I had to ask, "Ano 'yun?" Rama explains, "Pickles? Parang aww mehnnn..."


greasykid said...

Wala nga, Higglytown Heroes kasi yon.

P said...

Hehe. Thanks, greasykid. You're right, of course. Swear, dinig ko talaga, hickey...