Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Rama Report

Today I went to Rama's year-end parent-teacher conference. It's a "progressive" school so they don't have grades - just narratives and a checklist of things that the kid can and can't-do-yet. Below is the narrative report, verbatim, that the teachers prepared.

"Child's Name: Rama ********
Class: Pups Class
Date of Birth: May 3, 2002
Date of Entry: June 2006

It is such a delight to have charming Rama in class. This sweet girl, who was a little self-conscious at first, turned out to be very friendly and sociable towards the end. In the beginning, she preferred to play quietly by herself or just watch the other children. Now, she enjoys playing with the girls and is often seen mingling with them. Although she took a few moments before warming up to her classmates, Rama has otherwise been independent and didn't need time to separate from her mommy.

The first two things that Rama does when she enters the room are take off her shoes and put them in her cubby hole with her bag. After that, she goes straight to the Classroom Helper Chart to move her name. She likes being the class' electrician who takes care of turning the lights off when we leave for romp and turning it back on when we get back to the classroom. After that, she says "Teacher, I want to write my name na." Rama doesn't need any reminding when it comes to the routine and what to do next.

Usually the next step is signing in. The children in the Pups Class practice writing their names every morning and even before Rama entered The School, she already knew how to write her name. She always makes sure that she writes clearly.

Rama's day becomes brighter when her crush, Pio, arrives. She sometimes whispers to us 'Teacher, hindi alam ni Pio na nagagwapuhan ako sa kanya.'She's always very vocal about her admiration for Pio, which makes her even more adorable.

During Free Choice Time, Rama enjoys playing with toy animals, pretending that they talk to each other. She plays a lot with Su Jung and they are often seen giggling together. Sometimes, Rama plays in the Dramatic Play Area where she cooks delicious meals in the kitchen. She also likes using the other materials for dramatically pretending to put on make-up. She likes wearing dresses and turning around and saying 'Look at my dress!'

When it is already time to pack away the toys, it is very easy to ask Rama to help her teachers and classmates. Even though she doesn't make too much mess while playing, she doesn't mind helping the other children pack away. She is always one of the first ones to sit on the mat, ready for Circle Time.

As for Circle Time, Rama enjoys singing and can easily remember the words of the songs. She enthusiastically sings all the time and does the actions really well. Rama eagerly shares stories about herself or her family when the topic is related to anything she had experienced. Whenever we ask questions, she usually answers with a meek voice. Sometimes, when she doesn't know the answer she just keeps quiet or shrugs her shoulders. After we tell her the correct answer, she tells us 'Alam ko! I was just joking!' Rama truly has funny ways that make her more endearing to everyone!

When Circle Time is done, we head on for snacks. Rama can take care of herself by washing her hands on her own and setting out her lunch box. She doesn't have any problems with sharing. Whether it is a toy or food, she is always willing to share it with everyone. Rama eats well and loves healthy foods. Whenever she has eggnogs for snacks, she makes a 'face' out of it and then puts it on her plate. after she eats, whe packs away her own food then goes to the mat to read a book while waiting for her classmates to finish eating.

As soon as Romp Time is called, Rama turns off the lights then rushes outside the classroom to step on an animal sticker. In the Romp Area, she likes playing volleyball with the teachers or running around with Su Jung. Often, Rama laughs at her classmate Russel because she finds him funny. When the boys are being silly, she says 'Nakakatawa si Russel!' then gives out a hearty laugh. She also enjoys hide-and-seek. Rama plays well with everyone and enjoys this time as much as the other children in the Pups Class.

When it comes to Writing Table, Rama makes sure that she listens to instructions and follows them carefully. She likes using colors red, pink, or orange markers to answer the work sheets. She likes coloring the pictures as well and makes sure that she finishes her work as neatly as possible.

Art Time is when the children can easily express themselves through their work. Rama likes drawing in particular and usually makes portraits of herself, her Mommy and Daddy. After she finishes drawing, she fondly talks about her work and usually asks for another paper so she can draw some more.

Rama also is into reading books. She listens attentively during story time. One of her favorites is Five Little Monkeys Jumping On the Bed. She reads it over and over, flipping the pages and reciting the story since she's memorized it word for word. Rama also likes stories that are told during Creative Dramatics. She loves it when we act out the characters in the tale!

Lady-like, gentle Rama will always be remembered with fond memories. Everyone in Toddlers Unlimited witnessed how she became the friendly and sociable little girl that she is now. We will surely miss her and we know that wherever she goes, she'll bring happiness to everyone's life.

Written by: Teacher Michelle *****
Date: March 2007"


christine said...

Aww how proud you must be! And you should be! I am, and she's not even my daughter. :) How blessed you are Poch!

P said...

Thanks, christine. See you sunday! wink!

Chili said...

Hi!! your daughter is really so adorable!!! I chanced upon ur blog recently and i enjoy reading it a lot!

anyway it so happens that my son is enrolled now in toddlers unlimited. Hes in the toddler class and hes enjoying it. I noticed though that they dont do any academic work. was hoping to get feedback from you.

I also read somewhere in ur blog that rama attend a montessori school before toddlers. Would that happen to be appleseed? I live in salcedo village to and Im tempted to move my son to appleseed since they seem to be a bit more academic.

Your opinion will be highly appreciated. Its too bad ur in canada already! we used to bevirtually neighbors! Im just along valero. Thanks!!