Monday, April 16, 2007


Our first outing here in Toronto included a visit to the Necropolis, City of the Dead. (How Goth, no?), It was drab and deserted, but I heard it can be really pretty in spring. Rama does not visit cemeteries very often, hence this exchange.

Rama: Ano'ng meron dito?
Me: Mga patay. Dito sila dinadala pag patay na sila.

Rama sees squirrel. "Eh kung puro patay ang nandito, bakit merong squirrel na buhay?"


Leica said...

OO nga naman :-) Rama cracks me up! Keep the posts coming. We miss you back here in Manila.

Juan Ariel Comia said...

Hehe... what's with cemeteries abroad anyway? Bakit kaya mga tourist attractions sila? In Paris alone, there were two cemeteries that were considered must-visits – the Catacombs and the Cemeterie de Montparnasse, where Jean Paul Sarte, Simone de Beauvoir, Guy de Maupassant, Samuel Beckett, Camille Saint-Saens, Man Ray, etc., rotted practically side by side. Pero di pa rin kami dumaan. Afraid kasi kami sa mumu! Hehe... By the way, say hi to Rama for us!

P said...

hi leica! nganaman, di ba? Miss you guys, too. JJ looked really cute in his fatigues (your saturday lunch post). Long hair na siya :-)

Hey Ariel. Friends of mine who went to Paris just visited Jim Morrison's grave. Brush with stardom, I guess, albeit dead. Rama misses everyone!!!

geeky planner said...

Ahhh the wisdom of children.

Ibalik na kayo sa Pilipinas!

Anonymous said...

ang sagot: yung squirrels, like us turista, bumibisita sa patay!

P said...

cute mo, anonymous. hi there!

hey geeky p. wait ka lang diyan... haha!

cyberbatugan said...

Oo nga naman.