Saturday, April 14, 2007

National Food

Rama: Superhero ba si Jose Rizal?
Me: Hindi, di ba national hero?
Rama: Ano yung national hero?
Me: Siya yung pinakamagaling na hero. Yung, pag inisip mo ang mga hero ng Pilipinas, siya ang una mong maiisip.
Rama: Ah. Eh ano yung national ng mga celery, strawberries (stuff we were eating at the time of the exchange)
Me: Yung national fruit?
Rama: Oo!
Me: National fruit, mangga!
Rama: Gusto ko yun. Tapos, ang national food, sinigang?
Me: Pa'no mo alam?! (it's not adobo, right? Sinigang is THE indigenous dish?)


Leica said...

Umm...always thought it was adobo :-)

Anonymous said...

pochie pie!!! missed you and miss you already!!! how are you doing? email details! rama truly rocks--i'm sure her crazy quips will see you through the next couple of weeks of re-adjustment :) -marts.

Anonymous said...

nice to have come across your daughter had a couple of sessions with Rama in ascott but coming from sommerset she must have been overwhelmed and didnt want to go back, your daughter is awesome!

Socky said...

Let's revise our history books. Siningang is THE national dish; adobo flakes is second. Rama rules!

KKK said...

hindi ba kare-kare ni aling pining?

nyahaha. nanay ko iyan. hehe. peborit ko ang kare-kare kasi. :)

P said...

Hi leica! Yup, I thought so too myself. In fact, I have cooked adobo for a large audience and presented it as THE national dish. Until I worked on a sinigang mix account, and learned otherwise. :-)

Hi Marts! How's it going? True, Rama is a joy in These Trying Times.

Hey, Anonymous! Curious, did you just stumble upon this blog and find that you in fact knew the featured child?! Wow. I'm sure your little one will take to the water, eventually, as most kids do.

Hi, Socky. :-)

KKK, type ko rin KK!

Anonymous said...

yup i just did, it was recommonded in another blog (ramblings gypsy soul), blog site name was interesting so i accessed it and while reading, the pictures started showing and i recognized her. i actually saw you one time there with whom i presume is honey. we even smiled at each other coz rama wouldnt want to take a shower yet, your daughter is very beautiful just like you and i like your writing style..irene

P said...

Hi Irene! You are too kind, thank you. :-) Yes, that must have been Honey, she tagged along once. Happy surfing!