Saturday, April 21, 2007


So we're settling in quite nicely in our new apartment, Rama and I.

The first night that we slept here, all we had was a bed (new delivery) and a borrowed comforter. No pillows, just a rolled up sweater. And for a blanket, a sarong.

Me: Rama, pasensiya na, ito lang ang unan natin ngayon ha.
Rama, gracious as usual: Ok lang, hindi naman ako mahilig.

At some point during the night, she hogged the whole sweater. When she discovered this come morning, she became so concerned and quickly gave me the whole thing. "Ay, wala ka nang unan. Eto, eto..."

On the walk to school, she says this: "Nu'ng sinabi mo sa akin kagabi, na pasensiya na sa unan, nalungkot ako. Kasi parang hindi tayo mayaman."


Rama The Neat Freak was using this super-absorbent rug to wipe the banyo. Walls, tub, etc.

Me: Rama, wag na lang muna, kasi ginagamit ko pa yan na towel. (Hey, I had to improvise)

So she stops.

Later, she comes up to me. "Naaawa ako sa 'yo kasi ang towel mo basahan."

So I'm not putting these purchases off any longer. Today, we shop. ;-)


shred-jitsu said...

awwww...... :)

hope you can post pics of you guys also! we miss you guys so much!

katrina said...

Kung kailan naman kayo umalis ng Pilipinas, tsaka pa kayo naging yagit! ;-)

joey said...

Aw! Everyday (and night!) is a adventure with you guys :)

P said...

Hey Mark! sige, pics to follow. We miss you guys too!

Katrina, yagit is the word i was looking for. Yagit nga, first world naman. Haha. (Yagit pa rin.)

Hey Joey. I really never know what will come out of her mouth next. And I really wonder where it all comes from!

For the record, we already have towels and beddings. With decent thread count. :-)

christine said...

haha you sound like me during my first few weeks in London. Kung yagit kayo sa Canada, ako naman may "posh home along da riles".

I swear, it was in Kensington, the Forbes Park of London ( long story why my first aptmt was in such an expensive place) and every night I would wake up to a vibrating bed, and picturs frames shaking on tables and on the walls kasi we were literally by the riles!

I didn't have anything yet , but I made sure pillows and beddings were the first thing I bought! hehe