Friday, April 6, 2007

Rizalista 2

Upon meeting Pepe, Tesa's poodle:

Me: Rama, pangalan niya, Pepe.
Rama: Parehas sila ni Jose Rizal?

She also noticed that one of our brunch companions was "kamukha ni Josephine Bracken."


geeky planner said...

Pity the guy who she singles out as Padre Damaso... :)

P said...

hey geeky p! i know, i know.

joey said...

Ah! Love these Rizal posts :) So cute! Hope all is well with you guys!!! :)

christine said...

Haha sino yung kamukha ni Josephine? Miss you guys, and can't wait to read about your new adventures in Canada. Take care! :)

P said...

"Josephine" is Joelle (?), the girl seated beside Tesa and right in front of me. Do you remember her, Joey? There was a bit of a resemblance.