Monday, January 15, 2007

Kwentong Kota Kinabalu

Went to Kota KInabalu January 12 to 15. With a bunch of other kids and Honey (The Lola). Rama was just happy at the pool with the other kids. Did horseback. Learned to sllide freestyle. And boywatched.

Dinner, Day 3.
Rama: (pasimple) May nakikita ako....
Honey: Ano?
Rama: Gwapo.
Honey: Sa'n? (Looks around). Ay, oo nga.
Rama: Oo, kamukha ni Troy.

So as we wait for our ride to the airport, guy-who-looks-like-Troy is there, too. So Honey points him out to me.
Me to Rama: Gusto mong mag-pa-picture with him?
Rama shakes head, no. So I just go over to their family and ask for a picture. I explain to him (and his mom) that "my 4 year old daughter has a crush..." They find it sweet. Turns out, his name is Malcolm. Here.

The rest of the trip home, between bato-bato-pik and running around with the other kids, Rama would come up to me and ask, "Patingin nung picture ng gwapo." So I whip out the camera. She even demands that i zoom-in! "Lakihan mo..."

Is she kerengks or what?

Eto pa. I leave her at the Kids Club where she was quietly coloring, drawing. I step out for a few minutes. When I go back in, Rama has left her group at the kids table. She was inside one of the rooms, watching cartoons, sitting next to this blonde, blue-eyed Swiss boy. When she saw me, she went back to her coloring. Did she worry that I would disapprove of the TV or the sitting-really-close to this boy?... I got his name, Moritz. But when I tried to take a picture of him by the pool, he wanted to play hide-&-seek. I would've, except I was on pool duty watching the other kids. Trust me, cutie siya.

On another note, Honey scores souvenir T-shirts at the market. Which all the kids wear on the way back home. KK airport pa lang, the shrits are stained, of course. With food and whatevs. One of the more fastidious kids (Daniellie, I think) points out to Rama: Dami na mantsa t-shirt mo.... Rama: HIndi, design lang yan.

... And this is how it all ends.

Honey packing up to go back to her place.
Rama: Bakit hindi ka dito matutulog?
Honey: Kasi kailangan ko mag-work bukas
Rama: Bakit kailangan mo mag-work?
Honey: Para may pera
Rama: Bakit kailangan mo ng pera?
Honey: Para may pambili ng food
Rama: Bakit mo kailangan ng food?
Honey: Para may makain. Chaka para may pambili ako ng cigarettes
Rama: Ay, sabi ko na nga wag ka na mag-smoke...
Honey: O sige, para may pambili na lang ako ng coke.
Rama: Sige, mag-work ka na bukas.

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