Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Senti... NOT!

Kilitian and lambingan this morning. Exchanges of "Saya ko ikaw ang anak ko..." and Rama saying, 'Saya ko ikaw ang mommy ko..." etc etc. I just thought I'd play on a senti note so I said to Rama:

Me: Wala akong mommy...
Rama: Oo, pero meron kang muta.


bok. said...

That was really one tender moment... : )

O ayan ha, as promised! Hehe.

kristoffer said...

winner comment na naman! :)

christine said...

I want to meet Rama! Grabe this girl, sobrang cute and funny.

P said...

Hey, bok. Thanks. Now I know you really lurk here.
Kristoffer, hey! Laglag talaga ako sa bed that time.
Christine, might just bring her along when we do that foodtrip to Lipa... we'll see... :-)