Tuesday, January 16, 2007

New Year's Resolution

OC si Rama. She has always been fastidious about putting things in their place. She obsessively wipes spills. At 1, she didn't have to be told to put back her chair. She was a stickler for rules when she was in that Montessori where teachers were big on rules. "Ground rule #1, Speak softly. 2, put and pull back your chair quietly...." Etc, down to 6. Her teachers find that they only need to say "Pack away" once, and she'll follow. She knows where to find her things. Once, she thought she lost an earring. We were in a hotel room abroad. I had written it off as lost. She didn't, and quietly searched for it. We only heard from her after she found it - way under the bed. So I shouldn't be surprised about her new year's resolution, no?

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