Monday, January 22, 2007


We caught Peter Pan last Saturday night. The show lived up to the fab reviews. First appearance of Peter Pan was a WOW moment. He descends onto the stage in a flurry of pixie dust (glitter), says one line - Do you believe in fairies? - as he snaps his fingers to world music, then he quickly "flies" up and off. Collective gasp from the audience. I turn to Rama, excitedly, "Nakita mo yon?!" She deadpans, "Kasi may tali..."
And if that evening we looked as dugyut as if we had just trolled through a cock-and-coconut farm in Lipa and drank buko from the shell earlier that day, it's because we did. Little did we know that a casual request for buko from Rama would lead to a major production of driving off to a fruit orchard and having the farmhands climb trees and hack away at coconuts. We enjoyed fresh buko - juice and meat scooped out with a bit of husk fashioned into some kinda-sorta scooper/spoon. Simply put, in Rama's words, "Sarap!"
I was so glad that this time we could deliver. Rama had her first buko experience in Boracay. When she asked for buko back in Makati, I was stumped and it took me a while to figure out how to grant her request. On our way to Lipa (for a fiesta lunch at Charo's), we thought that coconuts would be on hand. And they were, thanks to our gracious hosts.
After an afternoon of buko, chico, and picking fallen chicken feathers to make into pens ("parang kay Harry Potter..."), we headed back to the town proper. Rama was pooped, but had to ask, in the car, as she was about to doze off in my arms, "Pwede ko na bang ipikit ang mata ko?" Awwww.

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