Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Indescribable Pleasures

A couple of posts back, I wrote about how Rama asked permission to close her eyes and sleep. There is a sidenote to that.

The jumpseat area of the vehicle was laden with buko, so 4 adults plus Rama had to pile in the backseat. She was sitting on my lap and her legs were crossing over to Tita Krung Krung's lap. I suppose, absent-mindedly, Tita KK started gently running her fingers around and around Rama's knee. In a few, Rama got drowsy and dozed off (but not after asking permission ha!)

When she woke up, the rest of the adults had gone and it was just us.
Rama: Bago ako nakatulog, gina-ganito ni Tita Krung Krung yung tuhod ko (demonstrates on my knee). Hindi ko masabi kung ga'no kasarap.

Hindi ko masabi kung ga'no kasarap. Like the line?

Come to think of it, Rama takes a lot of pleasure in touch. She loves masahe and will ask for it. She knows 2 kinds: pampatulog and pampagising. Our reconnect at the end of the day is "Lambingan" - this involves getting horizontal and just caressing each others faces and cuddling and rubbing noses and nuzzling. A high point of the day, definitely.

She watches House of Flying Daggers and reenacts - not the fight scenes - but the love scenes. She will nuzzle my neck and ask, "Kinikilig ka?" Yes. "Ang galing ko pakiligin ka no?"

She loves kissing. On the lips. For extended periods. A la movies. I hesitate to correct this behavior; it's harmless, I think (?). At least for now.

But in public, she can get shy and will not oblige me the usual long kiss. Maybe a buzz on the cheek. :-)


blair_mitch said...

I love Rama! What a super cute, super lambing child! It's so much fun to be a mom to kids like her!

My baby Micky is mostly tulog na when i get home and it breaks my heart. Pretty soon Christian says DSWD will get her na. Sigh.

But hang on - her sleep clock is changing (once again) so nowadays she's still up when I get home at eight-ish. We have dinner super late na because I hang out with Micky as long as she's up. And we play with her squeaky rubber balls. It's amazing because she always goes for the hot pink one. Even if you put the dozen different colored balls in a basket, she never fails to pick up the hot pink ball. It makes my day to play this game with her.

P said...

Already a preference for pink this early?! tsk tsk. Can't fight that - Rama is so frou-frou, and the frou-frou gene is definitely not mine. Yes, most kids of working moms stay up late. Rama thinks 10 is early. Not to lay on the guilt trip, but they must miss us so much, no?