Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I Heart Heart

Rama went through a Panday phase. She found Panday guapo. And Eden, of course, beautiful. In fact, one of the come-ons at the school she transferred to was that one of the main partners, Teacher Gab, is a spitting image of Heart.
One morning, waiting for Rama at Coffee Bean near her school, who walks in but... could it be... Heart Evangelista! I almost didn't recognize her, as she was wearing huge shades. So, whip out the camphone and go to Heart. "My daughter is a fan, can I have a picture?" Game! In fact, she was the one who took the pic from my camphone. And she knows her angle. She even took it twice, as the first one was a bit blurred. Turns out, she just lives in the area and was out jogging. She just popped into Coffee Bean for a cup of water.
I show the pix to Rama. And she wanted to go to the cafe - NOW. "Bakit hindi mo ako sinama?" Me: "Hindi ko alam na andun pala siya..." Rama: "Eh punta tayo..." Eventually she got it that she probably won't see Heart. I'm still hoping to run into her again. This time with The Fan.


Can said...

Hi there. Thanks for sharing this story. And the photo, of course. :)

I agree. Heart is one of the nicest and most down-to-earth celebrities you could ever meet. :)

I don't know where to start but I'll do my best. Hehe. All I really wanna say is--I belong to a group that supports Heart. In fact, we have a thread on Pinoy Exchange (PEx), a popular online community. And Heart happens to be a regular poster there. That's how much she cares for her fans.

The thread's title is HEARTWORLD. And we have a website (http://heartyoneline.com).

My question is this: Do you mind if we archive this post of yours there? We archive every single thing that we think is a keeper. And we strongly believe your post is!

Thanks again. And may God bless you.

Oh. If you're interested, you might wanna say hi to Heart in Heartworld.
She also has a Movie Discussion Thread on PEx.

That's right, she has a new movie! Hope you'll support her.

P said...

Hi Can. Sure, archive all you want. Thanks for popping in. And yes, Heart was really nice about the whole thing. My kid misses her Eden....

Can said...

Thank you!

Sayang naman that Rama didn't get a chance to meet her. :(

Socky said...

Yes, it was totally chance. But even without Panday, she still adores Eden. She sees her a lot anyway - for SMART, on dozens of Jollijeeps around Makati, store displays in Penshoppe and that charming Palmolive commercial. Rama's fave shot is of Heart playing with the orange slice, covering one eye and puckering up. Sige, I'll visit your site soonest. Ta ta!

Socky said...

Haha. That was Poch writing from Socky's account.

russkal said...

Rama has good taste! My 9-yr. old son has a big crush on Heart. But he's actually torn between her and Cindy Kurleto.

Sabi ko, kay Heart ka na lang kasi medyo sosi si Cindy. Baka mabulol ka kaka-ingles.

Sabi ba naman...

"No worries! Kaya ko din mag-english, 'no?"

Sabi ko,

"No worries? Ano ka? Australyano?"

P said...

Hey Russ! No worries pala ha... They just pick up these things, no? Si Rama din, medyo may confidence na rin mag-English ngayon. Sa school kasi, English sila. Yes, crushable nga si Heart. :-)