Saturday, March 1, 2008

'La-lang Update

Lying in bed, trying to go to sleep last night, Rama bolted up and described something that she misses from Pilipinas.
Rama: It's like an egg. Pero may matigas sa loob. Tapos may soup sa loob ng egg. Higop mo yun. Tapos you'll eat the inside.
Me: Balut?
Rama: Ya. I miss balut.


The Knittymommy said...

Ako rin! I miss it. Sometime last year, during one of the Manny Pacquiao fights, someone brought a whole caldero full of freshly boiled balut. At first I was wary, kasi, saan galing yun no? But after watching everybody enjoy some, I just had to have some. American balut is still the same as pinoy balut.

By the way, my family and I are visiting my sister in Toronto during Easter weekend. Hope to see some of the places you bring Rama to.

P said...

Whoa! If the weather were nicer, Centre Island would've been great. I'm still looking out for an easter sunday egg hunt event. Will keep you posted, and you may want to check it out too. But I'm sure your sis has planned out an itinerary already. And I remember you mentioning that she lives near High Park - a Toronto jewel. I'm sure there's something going on there. (We're a few streetcar stops west).

Balut and Pacquiao. Like you never left Manila. :-)

bexieville said...

wow =) at 25 I still don't like balut, and here's little Rama missing it. Such mature tastebuds.

P said...

Hi, Bexie. Yes, she is an adventurous one. And I don't impose my vegetarianism on her, so she pretty much eats anything, including balut, chicharon and other pinoy cardiac delights.

mtan said...

Rama, when you come back to Manila, we shall go eat some balut!!!