Friday, March 14, 2008


When it's snowy outside, we amuse ourselves with all sorts of stuff indoors. Dancing, drawing, pretend play, and of course, a game of Jenga.

When we first started playing Jenga, Rama was around 3. We would play with my siblings and it would get pretty intense. She would get so anxious and would beg me not to play anymore. She didn't want ME to be the one to topple the tower. 


shred-jitsu said...

hahahaha, i remember those times! its so funny to the point that rama would physically stop you from playing! ahhh...the game of life.

nasira kasi yung monitor sa condo thats why we havent been able to check the posts here. dami na pala. grabe, we miss you guys so much na!

P said...

hi, shred! So you're still in the condo pala. Still enjoying the place? We miss you guys, too. Rama always looks at Pilipinas pics and says that she misses Pilipinas. And she can't wait to go back for a visit!