Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Magic Royal Vacuum Cleaner

Rama: I wish I lived in a castle.
Me: Ay, ako, ayoko. Hirap linisin. Dami va-vacuum-in.
Rama: I know. The royal fairy will make the vacuum. So you don't have to move. And the vacuum will vacuum everything in the castle, everything in the universe! That would be cool.


Nina Lumberio said...

Rama rocks! When I was Rama's age, I thought of castle as a place where Royals lived because of Fairy Tales. But growing up, I got disappointed to discover that castle is actually used for defense =)

P said...

hi, nina. you're funny!

The Knittymommy said...

Can the royal fairy come to my house and vacuum, and cook, and make laba, and give the kids a bath, and wash the car, and.... Hey, we can call the helpers back home, royal fairies. Back home, parang nasa castle nga tayo non no?

I love how Rama thinks! Sana nga may tunay na Royal Fairies, no?

P said...

Hi, knitty! Gusto ko rin ng fairy na ganun dito. I have a friend in Manila who calls her yayas angels. But for myself, I didn't have *fairies* in Manila until Rama was almost 4. :-)